Gladiators: The Unconquered is the brand new 3 vs. 3 vs. 3 online, 3rd person action game from indie games dev, Viking Games!

We’re kicking off a private beta soon and are taking sign ups starting today!

Gladiators: The Unconquered is a brand-new style of King of the Hill multiplayer game. Seize the mantle of Champion, master your class, and brutalize opponents in an ever-changing arena filled with weapons and traps. Three teams of three face off in gladiatorial combat to determine who will become the god of the arena.

Be a God – Become Champion by capturing the mantle or killing the previous Champion. As Champion you are the mightiest in the arena, but also a target for enemies.

Survive the Arena – The map is always changing and rotating in dangerous new traps, weapons, and chests filled with goodies.

Customize your Gladiator – Outfit them with new pieces of armor, appearances, emotes and more that you unlock as you play the game.

Custom Matches – Create a custom match for you and your friends or join in an Auto match and play with others online.

We’re really excited for Gladiators: The Unconquered and can’t wait for you all to begin playing in our private beta. This is a technical beta, so you will be testing the online environment and game balance of a game that’s actively in development. If you are selected for the beta, your voice will be heard. As a special thank you to the private beta members, we’re offering in-game goodies when the game launches. Right now we’re offering a special tattoo cosmetic and a TBD amount of in-game currency, but we’re looking to grow the “thank you” we give to beta members, so we’ll let everyone know once we confirm all the fun stuff people can get.

Click here for private beta sign ups, click here for more info on the website, and remember to stay connected with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord for all the up to date info.

The Versus Evil Team fell in love with the game the first time we got in a big, violent, online multiplayer session. Hitting each other with big hammers into spike traps, throwing ripped limbs at each other, pegging each other with the ballista – it all has a nice, chunky, meaty feeling. We piled onto each other in a big melee slobber-knocker in the middle of the arena and couldn’t stop laughing. Once we learned the movements of the arena, the pros and cons of different classes and weapons, and started communicating with each other the game went from big, violent, dumb fun to big, violent, kind-of-smart fun. We welcome you to seize victory by the guts. To impale your friends. To blow one each other up (online). We hope you have as much fun as we’ve been having.

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