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Our Philosophy

As one of the most recognized publishing brands in the industry, Versus Evil has helped bring indie games to life globally. Our reputation in the industry is backed by a team of experts with over 20 years of experience. Our games span several genres, platforms, and business models across all major mobile, PC, and next-generation consoles.

We believe that no matter the size of a studio or team, we should empower developers to create games that reflect their passion for play. We pride ourselves on working with talented studios and supporting their titles, from conception to completion.

At its core, Versus Evil is a passionate team that prioritizes and values relationships above all else – internally with our staff and externally with our partners and developers.

How We Can Help

Launching a video game is a complex process and can be very difficult without the right team. We offer a full suite of services that can help take the headache out of publishing;

  • Marketing, PR, and Influencer Campaigns
  • Social Media and Community Management
  • QA, Localization, and Development Services
  • Monetization and Distribution Strategies

What We’re Looking For

As a publisher established initially by developers, Versus Evil is always looking for new titles that bring a fresh perspective to video games. We’re intrigued by games with a distinctive art style and captivating storyline.

We love to see developers break boundaries with unique concepts, regardless of how they fit into the current video game landscape. So if you have a game that does that, let’s talk!

How to Pitch Us

  • High-level description of your game and its features
  • Studio/Developer credentials. Tell us all about you!
  • Intended platforms
  • Stage of the game in the development cycle
  • Gameplay footage or trailer
  • Playable build (if possible).
    Either a shareable file or 15 game keys
  • Projected development timeline
  • Funding needs and budget breakdown
  • What you’re looking for from Versus Evil

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity
to publish the next great indie game!


A pitch submission does not guarantee support and/or funding from Versus Evil. Provided materials will remain confidential within our internal team and only be used for evaluation purposes.