2023 Charity Event Recap

And that’s a wrap! We’re thrilled to share the results of the recent charity event, Almighty Animal Advocates – organized by Paws Your Game (PYG) Ambassadors and Versus Evil Heralds, which took place from April 27-30, 2023!

The gaming and streaming communities have shown once again how powerful we can be when we unite for a common goal…

With 22 participants, the Heralds and PYG Ambassadors raised a total of $3,606.65 during this event!

All funds raised will go towards supporting PYG’s grant programs and Anderson Humane Society with medical, behavioral, and sheltering needs.

The highlighted game of the event was Almighty: Kill Your Gods, an exciting action RPG game that is currently in Early Access and set to launch into 1.0 later this year. In this game, players can choose to play solo or team up with up to three other players to hunt demons, monsters, and gods. Explore islands, use your combat skills to take down enemies, and rebuild your home with their remains. By defeating the oppressive false gods, players can protect their kin and become almighty!

Many participants offered fun incentives to their communities to encourage them to donate to the cause. Some of them were quite amusing… and hilarious!

Check out a highlight video of the event! ⬇️

The event was aimed at supporting animal welfare by raising funds for PYG’s grant programs and Anderson Humane Society.

Paws Your Game is a nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to connecting animal shelters, rescues, and welfare programs with gaming and streaming communities, ensuring that animals receive the care and support they deserve.

Anderson Humane Society is a unique animal welfare organization that focuses on creating and supporting mutually beneficial relationships between people and animals. Their programs include Adoption, Military Veterans, and Healing Paws Pet Therapy, which bring positive connections between people and animals, improving the lives of both.

“Working with PawsYourGame has been a wonderful experience. They have helped us fund two major initiatives over the past two years. Without the support of PYG, their ambassadors and followers, we wouldn’t have been able to provide loving homes to over 4,500 animals last year. Every dollar they raised has been blessing to Anderson Humane and our furry friends. The whole team is so kind and easy to work with, we look forward to engaging with them for our next fundraiser! Thank you PYG!”

– Greg A. Mucha, Director of Corporate Partnerships – Anderson Humane, South Elgin, IL

We’re extremely grateful for the incredible support we received from our business partners, developers, in-house influencers, charity partners, and our amazing communities. Together, we’re making a meaningful difference in the lives of animals in need, and we couldn’t have done it without you all.

On behalf of Versus Evil and our furry friends, thanks so much!

VE Community Team

Paws Your Game:

Paws Your Game fights for animal advocacy within the gaming space. They work to connect shelters, rescues and welfare programs to gaming spaces which brings necessary funding and awareness where it is needed most. By leveraging the social awareness and philanthropic nature of gaming, live streaming and influencer communities Paws Your Game is able to help shelters, rescues and animals in need.

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