Being Home: A Versus Evil Blog Series – Part IV

By April 10, 2020Blog

Hi, gamers. This week for our Being Home blog series, we’re going to briefly cover mindfulness. Whether it’s work, family, the pandemic, or the economy, we all need a mental reprieve sometimes. Staring off into various screens and playing video games are our top stress-relief choices, but those activities don’t really let us clear our heads (even when we get in the zone). Mindfulness is more than just meditating and stress-relief, it can help you become clearer in your work goals, help you sleep, help you be less anxious, and improve happiness.

Headspace is our first recommendation. Headspace provides plenty of useful guided meditations with their paid subscription. Their site offers a free trial and a lot of free resources, so you don’t have to go shelling out money for something you’re unsure of. “Weathering the storm” in their app is offered for free right now to help us through the global crisis and offers audio meditations, 10-day courses, meditations for when you find yourself panicking, and videos with at-home workouts.

Our second recommendation is The Science of Well-Being! It’s a free coursera class from Yale University. Classes are normally stressful situations, but this is about applying psychological concepts on how to make you happier and more productive in life. Relax, take a breath, and take the course at your own pace.

That’s it for this week’s Being Home blog, short and sweet. We’re all chillin’ at home too, so remember to say hi on Discord. Stay safe, everyone!

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