New DLC: Out of Time
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Out of Time: A whole new standalone campaign! Build your collection and change the rules once more.

  • Test your card gaming skills against a series of new enemy champions.
  • Stuck in a time loop? Have some fun!
  • Find new combos! Bloop, a special neutral champion can use cards from every faction.
  • Build the Champion you want. Bloop has a unique upgrade tree to explore.
  • Find brand new Power Pets cards!
  • Bloop and all the new cards are also added to Gauntlet mode for endless possibilities!

Save the world in this single-player RPG about being a 90’s kid

Be A Champion

Build your decks around the ultra rare Champion cards you earn.  Each Champion comes with unique abilities to tailor your deck around.  First player to get their opponent’s Champion card’s health to zero wins the match.

Go Mega

Champion cards evolve to their MEGA forms when their health halves, doing more attack damage and gaining new powers.

Change the Game

The kids sometimes use house rules and who knows what the Mutants will change.  Throughout the game you will choose the new rules and conditions as well as renaming your favorite cards and giving them upgrades using stickers.  Create entirely new cards using the Mega Mutant.

Get Scrappy

Adventure throughout the school to unravel the strange occurrences at Dudsdale Elementary.  Take on quests to earn cards, stickers, and candy which you can collect and trade with your classmates.  Careful, there’s no backsies!

You Can’t Collect ‘Em All

In the end, your decks and rules will be unique to you.  Stickers are rare, choices matter, and sometimes you’ll have to make a tough decision to get the best cards.

The 1990’s

Through it’s totally rad choice-driven, interactive narrative, Cardpocalypse delivers the experience of being a 90’s kid.  Boo-ya!

Now featuring Gauntlet Mode!

A roguelike mode where every run is unique. Pick your champion and fight your way through ever more difficult battles. After every win draft new cards, rules and rewards for your deck! Can you build the ultimate combo and beat the Gauntlet?

Character Profiles


Being a 10-year-old girl means that Jess is headstrong, honest, and sometimes a little awkward and naive. She wants to include everyone in her adventures, but has a wicked temper when someone is being unfair. At the end of the school day, she just wants to fit in, make friends, and have fun at her new school.


Yolanda is the most loyal goofball you will ever meet. She will stick by you through the toughest quest and only sometimes get distracted. One day Yolanda WILL be a famous superstar!


Jacob, from the outside, seems like kind of a quiet loner, but once you get to know him, he’s a warm and creative kid. The other kids think Jacob is weird, but he’s a true friend who will stand by you no matter what. Jacob loves fantasy books more than anything, but would totally be up for hanging out with a friend sometime.


Sam is the world’s sweetest scaredy cat. He loves science, books with lots of facts, and expanding his many collections. Sam will say he just wants to do his school work and not get in trouble, but, when pushed, he’ll always help a friend.


Ashley is a too-cool-for-Dudsdale-Elementary badass. She’s pretty sarcastic, which sometimes makes her look kind of mean, but she has a lot of respect for kids who are willing to break the rules to save their friends. Ash just wants to just chill, play some games, and maybe help save the world… if she has to.


Cedric is class president, peewee captain, honor student, and not at all overwhelmed *ahem.* He may have a little problem with saying no to people. Cedric will always try to put on a smile no matter how bad the situation is. He wants to be seen as an adult, be popular with the big kids, please the grown-ups, and, most importantly, play Mega Mutant Power Pets.

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