Join us on the Front Page of Twitch for Microsoft’s Fall Showcase Event Wednesday, September 14th, 2022 at 8:30 a.m. PT! Eville is being featured & we’ve got some stellar creators lined up to showcase it. Prior to the start of the event, we’ll be kicking things off with a special pre-show livestream with Black Girl Gamers, Heralds & Versus Evil staff to take viewers through the lovely (and chaotic) village of Eville. Catch the full announcement from Xbox & Microsoft here.

Black Girl Gamers ®, founded in 2015, is a multi-platform and inclusive community powered organization that keeps over 8000+ Black Women gamers safe online. BGG does content differently. They are at the forefront of bespoke, gaming centered activations. With their audience boasting over 80,000 followers online – they have worked with endemic and non-endemic brands that are looking to engage gaming audiences in unique ways.

“I have been an online member of the BGG community for over 5+ years – back when they were only a Facebook group. It has been amazing to watch it grow into something bigger than itself; being a black woman in gaming is challenging in every regard, and this has been a safe space to connect, learn and grow as a gamer and professional. There is a sense of community and sisterhood within BGG, whether you’re trying to learn OBS, negotiate a brand deal, seek out new collaboration opportunities, or want to gather with friends for movie night. I can’t wait to see what new waves BGG makes in the industry.”
Jelisa, Brand Manager for Versus Evil

We’re so excited to be a part of this event! We can’t wait to see you in chat.

We cannot thank our community enough for being on the Eville journey with us 💜

☠️ With Poison,

Versus Evil Community Manager – Rezza/Sydney