What to expect for Eville in 2022 🤔🤔🤔


Buckle up because we are extremely excited to announce updates to the Eville timeline! In this blog we will share when you can expect to play Eville, development updates and more. We genuinely appreciate our pre-launch community greatly and we’re looking forward to being able to launch the title for all into 1.0 semi-soonᵗᵐ. (yes! We are skipping Early Access 👀 read on…)

We wanted to start off by talking about the most recent development updates to Eville per the wonderful feedback we have gotten via Versus Evil Herald play sessions, Alpha playtests and the open beta periods. Numerous stinky bugs have been squashed, balance changes have been made and even new roles have come about from ideas of the Eville Community. Make sure you check out the Devlog on the new Medic role & several other updates.

“Straight from the beginning I’ve watched the team put so much heart into Eville to make it stand out from the rest. Our community and play testers bring those same feelings supporting us through development. ”

– UrbanBravo/Chris, Community Manager of Eville

Throughout the development of Eville, we’ve brought in many features to the game that add more depth and complexity. Proximity voice chat allows for more immersion & sneaky behavior, for example. Most recently we have added a season system where players earn xp by playing, completing challenges & logging into the game daily. There will be two tiers of the season system – Free Tier & Eville Pass Tier. All content included in the Premium Eville Pass is cosmetic-related only.

The complete visual & structural rework of the Eville village has been one our proudest moments. We went from a sparse village to a tall and dense one that has added so much life and opened so many (murderous) possibilities.

We gave ghosts their own line of quests, items, and even their own world, which meant that even in death, the player still can interact and make a difference in the game. Quest completion counts toward your goal bar even as a ghost, you can buy items as a ghost to affect the game (give players $, wake a player up, etc.) and more. This was extremely important to us, as we wanted to keep all players involved in the game regardless of when/if they are killed in the game. We’ve also added new roles like the Medic which was a concept from the community! We truly hope you enjoy these and we can’t wait to add even more features & updates.

“Since we showed the first footage of Eville in 2020 we’ve always done our best to work closely with our community on Discord and by sharing our internal road map. We already had the chance to work on some of the great feedback we’ve received. Skipping Early Access allows us to integrate more of that and even take a step back and take a proper look at some of the existing roles and improve upon them before launching. Thanks for staying with us for our journey to launch!”

-Zale/Hendrik, Lead Developer of Eville

Of course, one of the hottest questions regarding the Eville launch is “WHEN?!??!”. With the addition of Eville’s publisher (us 😄), Versus Evil, and other factors – we are able to secure partnerships to be able to bring Eville to even more folks via additional platforms and bring other fantastic opportunities to the game. While bringing Eville to more platforms & being able to have more opportunities is awesome, it also adds some development & marketing work/time to our schedule. However, we want the release of Eville into 1.0 to be in a state we are very happy with & we hope our community & future players will be happy with too. We do not promote crunch and we do not want any part of the game to feel rushed.

With this in mind we will be announcing that the Eville 1.0 release date is tracking to be in Fall of 2022. With the feedback & success of our open betas we are opting to skip an Early Access release & head straight to 1.0. Do not fret, though! There will be several opportunities to play Eville ahead of that 1.0 release with various beta periods that may even include some exclusive goodies 👀. More info further in the blog ⬇️.

To give our players the most transparency & visibility of events leading up to & through the Eville launch, we will be posting a public calendar, which includes everything we are able to share with you. We are currently preparing this calendar & we cannot wait to share it with you! Please expect it within the next couple weeks. 📅

📢 First off, we have our first closed beta with Intel open now through June 12th 11:59 p.m. PST, 2022 as part of Intel’s Gaming Access Program (GAP). GAP is an Intel program built to reward PC gaming enthusiasts globally with VIP access to all things gaming. It offers gaming tips and tricks, news, previews, guides, exclusive software and hardware offers, contests and alpha/beta invites, plus behind the scenes with influencers and developers. We hope you enjoy & we can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Sign up for the Intel GAP Eville Beta here: game.intel.com/us/giveaways/eville-closed-beta-key-giveaway

We cannot thank our community enough for being on the Eville journey with us. We know it can be frustrating seeing the development schedule shifted around, but trust us – it’s going to be worth it! 💜

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☠️ With Poison,

Versus Evil Community Manager – Rezza/Sydney