Hey, Villagers!

We hope the early days of summer have treated you well & that Conspirators haven’t completely taken over your home. It may be hot out there, but perhaps a trip to Frostpit is just the thing to cool you down!

Over the summer months, Eville will be featured in some big sales, which means lots of new villagers moving in & experiencing the game for the first time. In order to accommodate the rising population, we’ve decided to extend the Season 2 event dates by a few extra months & give new villagers a chance to participate.

For our long-time residents who have already completed Season 2, stay tuned! Our Herb Witch has been busy brewing something that we’re looking forward to telling you more about in the near future.

But that’s not all!

We are excited to announce that the 2nd Creator Sticker Pack is now available in game! In the bottom left of the home screen of Eville you can redeem the code ‘KftXz5jSeTs9uawUpg7d‘ to have the creator sticker pack added to your inventory. This pack features a variety of Versus Evil Heralds & external creators who also love Eville. This pack is entirely free to add to your inventory & we encourage you to share the code with your friends.

If you have any issues redeeming this code pack please reach out to us on Discord via ModMail & be sure to include your username & screenshots.

We can’t wait to see you repping your favorite creators! Take a screenshot or clip of you using the new stickers then tag us & the creator. We’ll be sure to share some of our favorite posts featuring the new stickers.

From all of us here at VestGames & Versus Evil, we thank you for your continued support & look forward to seeing you in Eville!