First Class Trouble is an asymmetric multiplayer game that blends cooperation and deception as players try to figure out who they can trust as they fight to survive aboard the luxury space cruise-liner, ISS Alithea, that has had an A.I. uprising.

In First Class Trouble you take on the role as one of the last remaining survivors on a luxury spaceship that has experienced severe technical difficulties.

Chief of these problems is that the AI and on-board robotic servants – Personoids – have rebelled and decided to kill every human onboard. They wiped out most of the passengers by simply turning the air supply off, but a lucky few with Oxygen Rebreathers survived.

The band of surviving players must now work together to try and reset the AI to revert it to a non-homicidal state, but it’s not going to be easy.

The ship is full of robotic servants, who are more focused on serving pain than beverages and some of the survivors are Personoids in disguise. Cooperation is key to success, but trust will be in short supply as players attempt to figure out who the Personoids in their ranks are.

First Class Trouble is a game for a generation of streamers.

It is a game where social tactics and strategy is as important as reflexes, and it delivers a much needed social, emotional and dramatic gameplay which is seldomly seen in multiplayer games. It’s a game that caters to anyone who likes playing co-op and enjoys asymmetrical gameplay.
Unique to First Class Trouble, is that the game will utilize proximity based voice chat to elevate the social dynamics of actual conversations, which players can experience in a video game.





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