Gladiators: The Unconquered is a brand-new style of King of the Hill multiplayer game.

Seize the mantle of Champion, master your class, and brutalize opponents in an ever-changing arena filled with weapons and traps. Three teams of three face off in gladiatorial combat to determine who will become the god of the arena.

Be a God

Become Champion by capturing the mantle or killing the previous Champion. As Champion you are the mightiest in the arena, but also a target for enemies.

Survive the Arena

The map is always changing and rotating in dangerous new traps, weapons, and chests filled with goodies.

Customize your Gladiator

Outfit them with new pieces of armor, appearances, emotes and more that you unlock as you play the game.

Custom Matches

Create a custom match for you and your friends or join in an Auto match and play with others online.

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In-Game Rewards for Beta Testers!

Beta testers will be rewarded with in-game content when the full game launches. A tattoo content and a to-be-determined amount of in-game currency will be rewarded. Appearances and rewards are subject to change. We are working on rewarding testers with even more goodies, more news to come.