Season’s Greetings, Villagers!

The dark winds howl, blanketing the village in a sea of billowing fog. Can a return of the Red Moon be far behind? Will its eerie glow once again summon restless Zombie Acora from their graves?

Youโ€™d better believe it! Stay vigilant, dear villagers, but remember that the Red Moon is only temporary. If youโ€™re brave enough to face your fears, join us October 26th – November 9th for a special Halloween Event.

During the event, youโ€™ll also be able to purchase new Halloween-themed items from the store, including this completely awesome wallpaper!

Want to earn a cool new Scarecrow trophy? Of course you do! All you have to do is find the glowing Jack-o-Lantern hidden in the village and itโ€™s yours to keep!

Did you miss out on the trophy from last yearโ€™s Halloween event? Itโ€™s back and will be available to purchase in the store until the event is over.

Happy Halloween, Villagers! We wish you a ghoulishly good time! ๐Ÿ‘ป

From all of us here at VestGames & Versus Evil, we thank you for your continued support & look forward to seeing you in Eville!