Indie publisher Versus Evil today announced that it has teamed up with Seattle developer 4gency, to bring Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit, to Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. In Earth’s orbit, where crisis is guaranteed, Habitat is the only strategic space simulation game that uses orbital debris to build the future homes of humanity and where hope for survival relies on the creativity and resourcefulness of the player. Exploration, resource management and physics-based flight and combat come together for the ultimate space survival experience.

“We first saw Habitat at GDC. Our team immediately loved the concept and how passionate 4gency is about their game. Once we played it we were hooked”, said Steve Escalante, General Manager of Versus Evil. “Habitat will offer gamers a unique space survival experience quite unlike anything else, and we are thrilled that 4gency wants to work with us”.

In Habitat players must assume the role of ‘Commander’ and lead a team of engineers to gather a variety of debris found in Earth’s orbit, turning it into habitable space stations that can support human life. As players combine different elements of debris, explore space and mine the resources found there, a fully expandable tech tree can be researched. However surviving in a zero gravity universe in the face of constant crisis also relies on the player’s ability to master physics-driven flight simulation as well as turning some of their creations into deadly kinetic orbital weapons that will be needed to take out the enemy when necessary.

“The team at Versus Evil is absolutely the right partner for us to launch this game with,” says 4gency founder Charles Cox. “They’re a small, nimble and dedicated team that understands our needs and we are really looking forward to getting the marketing and PR campaigns up and running with their help.”

On May 1st, 4gency successfully completed their Kickstarter campaign which will help the development team get the game to the next level, details of which we will be announced soon.

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