skyshine_bedlam_scene_assembledAustin, USA – February 19th, 2015 – Bedlam will reign later this year as independent developer Skyshine games announces its partnership with leading independent game publisher Versus Evil to bring the post-apocalyptic “roguelike” role-playing game (RPG) to market in Summer 2015.


“Since going through a pretty amazing Kickstarter experience we’ve been hard at work bringing Bedlam to life and finding the right partner to take the game to all of the players that have supported us along the way” said John Mueller, Art Director, Skyshine games. “The Banner Saga team at Stoic have given us some great support and advice and having seen the great partnership they enjoyed with Versus Evil it seems the natural choice to work with them on Bedlam”.


Built on the foundations of the Banner Saga engine, Bedlam is an RPG for PC/Steam that sees players sendtheir motley crew of humans, mutants, robots, and cyborgs either into battle or to other areas to explore, gathering valuable items, information and other recruits to help them overcome the various perils encountered during their journey. Powerful weapons and technologies will be discovered and when equipped, give the player access to devastating attacks or even the ability to cheat death and resurrect their favorite lost soldiers.


“Simply put the Skyshine team has put together a winning scenario by combining a unique art style, with proven tech from The Banner Saga, and an experienced development team with Vigil vets” said Steve Escalante, General Manager, Versus Evil. “Bedlam has the ingredients to make a fantastic game.The success of the Kickstarter campaign illustrates gamer’s excitementfor Bedlam and we are looking forward to partnering with them to bring the game to market”


About Bedlam

Centuries in the future, mankind’s quantum advancements have been inevitably overcome by consumerism, greed and war.  The resulting catastrophic clash of beliefs and scientific fusions have ravaged the planet, leaving most of the planet a toxic snarl of scorched earth called Bedlam. The colossal megatropolis of Byzantine is one of the few remaining bastions of civilization and it is here where the game BEDLAM begins. As the last remaining Mechanic and pilot of Boneshaker, the colossal Dozer with its ten-thousand ton engines, players are responsible for transporting passengers through the vast expanse of desolation that surrounds Byzantine, to Aztec City, the supposed utopia beyond the barren divide.


Grab the wheel Mechanic! Assemble your crew and off to hell you go!  Protect your passengers at all costs, you only get paid if you’re alive!