Hey everyone! The folks at Breadcrumbs Interactive just released Yaga version 1.1 on Apple Arcade and PC, otherwise known as The Bad Fate Update, so to celebrate we’re dropping a new enemy profile video on Likho. After an exciting and successful launch, the team at Breadcrumbs Interactive took the time to listen closely to all the player feedback over the months. The Bad Fate Update is an overhaul of all the gameplay systems: Bad Luck, Combat, and Crafting along with a ton of quality of life improvements. Ivan can now run, so that means you don’t have to tap that roll button as often. The Bad Luck system is fairer and only enacted when your hammer breaks. Hammers can now be repaired by the way and there are a lot of new combinations to craft. Tools, the secondary weapons, have more abilities making them more useful. There are new brand new game modes, providing new difficulty levels. Plus new perks, a larger mini-map option, and much much more. This is Yaga, new and improved. Out now Apple Arcade and via the Epic Games Store, this update will come to consoles later this year.

The Breadcrumbs team designed a very fancy visual to review the changes, but we’re also posting the plain text at the very bottom.

Two new game modes added: Story Mode for an easier, story tale experience, and Hardcore Mode for a tougher experience that features permanent death.

Ivan can now run, allowing for faster movement.

Ivan’ XP grows much faster while Bad Luck is high.

Bad Luck only strikes when a weapon breaks.

After Bad Luck strikes, Ivan gets a period of Good Luck.

Ivan can reduce Bad Luck using magic items.

Witches can now remove Ivan’s Bad Luck, for a price.

We made each of Ivan’s Tools more useful with the addition of new abilities and perks.

Enemies are smarter and some have been given new abilities. Below are some, but not all, changes:

Balances made to combat difficulty for a fairer challenge.

We added a Weapons Durability system where weapons break after repeated use.

Weapons can now be Repaired.

Runes can now be learned and applied to weapons while Crafting.

New Crafting Upgrades are now available.

New Enhancements are now available.

New Talismans are now available.

New Magic Items are now available.

New Perks are now available.

Improved Anvil Upgrade UI shows progression and costs.

Improved Crafting UI.

A large Minimap option is now available.

Updates made to the Swamp artworks.

Ivan can now find and a way to fast travel.

You can now skip the tutorial after seeing it once.

We added breadcrumbs to the roads to help exploration.

Added Romanian language.



There have been past updates and Breadcrumbs Interactive keeps a running blog here so keep an eye there for the more minor updates.

That’s all for now! To talk to us and the devs directly, remember to visit the official Discord channel!

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