Tamarak Trail Character Classes

Hey folks, VS Trippi here with our first look into the character classes for our upcoming title Tamarak Trail!

In Tamarak Trail, you’ll traverse the trails as one of three character classes; the Detective, the Magician, or the Tracker. Each class presents a unique way to play, giving you the flexibility to choose a playstyle that works best for you!

The Detective

Become a resourceful Detective and investigate the evil lurking in the woods. Customize your kit to focus on the playstyle that suits you best!

Investigate, ambush and make them bleed

Discover and learn game systems and mechanics with our starting character – the Detective. Varied abilities of this character lets you make a build best suited to your personal playstyle. Focus on one set of abilities, like bleed, to make your foes bleed over time, or try to find a balance and be prepared for any kind of situation.

The Magician

Unleash powerful combination of elemental attacks as the Magician; Harness the elements & use them to inflict status effects to keep your enemies on their toes!

Harness the power of the elements

The Magician toolkit revolves around elements – fire, ice, earth, thunder and wind. Most of her attacks inflict the target with elemental status effects. But the Magician’s true power lies in status interaction. Each element status on its own inflicts an enemy with a small debuff – the fun part begins when two different elements are applied to the same target. Shock your enemies with thunder and ice, or make powerful explosions!

The Tracker

The Tracker is always thinking a few steps ahead; His mastery of traps lets him catch his enemies unprepared, making your journeys through the trails a little more perilous for the enemies you encounter.

Trap your foes

The Tracker’s gameplay style is one of preparation and resource management. He has access to a special type of die side – traps. Traps lets you prepare debuffs and attacks for the next combat encounter! – but there is a catch. Powerful as they may be, using traps comes with a great cost

A word from the devs

“Balancing characters in a roguelite game can be a delicate task, as players will encounter different challenges and enemies each playthrough. In Tamarak Trail players will get a chance to test a diverse set of abilities and playstyles to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.” – Aleksandra Czachor, Game Designer

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