Gamescom 2022 Rewind

Looking Back at Our Week in Germany!

Hey, folks! Rezza & VS Dave here from the VE community team.

Gamescom 2022 has just ended, which was our first live, in-person convention in over two years! We were joined by developers from both the Eville and Broken Roads teams, and what an absolute treat it was to be back among the community and put our games in your hands.

Now that the dust has settled and our extreme jet lag is fading, we wanted to look back upon our week in Cologne, Germany and catch everyone up who was unable to join us.

So, set your flux capacitors to 1.21 gigawatts, because we’re going back… to, well, to last week. Which, admittedly, doesn’t sound quite as impressive, but trust us, stay hyped because…


Eville took Gamescom by storm & landed in JV JeuxOnline’s Top 5 Games at Gamescom. The Vest Games folks had an absolutely bustling booth with event-goers taking a step into Eville to play during the current open beta period.

Photo Credit: Orcosaurus

All players who stopped by the booth earned an exclusive Acora skin. Some lucky visitors were even able to get their hands on some brand new Eville swag, a shirt & mug.

An absolute gem from the event was this lovely piece of fanart of an Acora.

We want to extend an extra special thank you to our booth sponsors – Razer, iBuyPower & HYTE. They provided the lovely machines & peripherals to the booth so everyone could join in on the Eville chaos & fun.


Drop Bear Bytes sent ten members of its team from all around the world. These are folks who have been working on Broken Roads together for over three years, but only met in person for the first time! The team really enjoyed being together and having the opportunity to see people playing the game and enjoying their hard work—watching players explore, trying to click on everything, dig through all the Points of Interest texts, read every bark, and so on. It was truly a rewarding experience, as you can see by the looks of joy on everyone’s faces.

Gamescom wasn’t all about playing games, however. The DBB team conducted over thirty interviews with gaming journalists and did such an amazing job! Some of these folks had never done press before, but were able to overcome the initial nerves quickly and deliver some real high quality interviews! We couldn’t be prouder of the team!

The best part of any convention is getting the games into the hands of players, and Gamescom was no different. It provides a unique opportunity for us to talk directly to players and get their feedback live and firsthand. We gathered a ton of valuable feedback, and the team is already hard at work planning UI and UX improvements, as well as some more modern quality of life changes.

For Craig Ritchie, head of Drop Bear Bytes, a personal highlight stood out:

“There was a couple who came back to the booth to replay the game. They discussed their choices in-depth, wanting to see multiple endings. It was so cool to watch because they stood super close to each other, swapping the headset back and forth, and effectively turning it into a co-op single player game! 😊

In all seriousness though, it was just beautiful seeing our game as something that they so clearly enjoyed, and how they played games together.”


That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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~ The VE Community Team