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Lil’ Guardsman – Demo is now Live!

Good day, future Guardsman! We are excited to announce that the Lil’ Guardsman demo is live on Steam!

Play as Lil – a 12 year-old girl who lives in The Sprawl – covering for her dad at the guard shed. You’ll encounter over 100 zany & unique characters. Deduce their intentions with dialogue and tools, like your trusty X-Ray, Truth Spray and more. The safety of The Sprawl is in your hands!

Make sure to check out our Lil’ Guardsman Tool Guide blog to help prepare yourself for what’s ahead. Stay tuned for a ‘Tips & Tricks’ blog to help guide you as well. Good luck & we hope you enjoy the Lil’ Guardsman Demo. If you do – don’t forget to wishlist it on Steam!

Notice: Before you hop into the demo, we have a quick note about localization. Although the full version of the game will support Chinese (Simplified), German, and Spanish (Latin America) at launch, this demo is available in English only for now. We hope to have a localized version available very soon!

Demo Notes:

– Non-English language versions not yet implemented

– Partial gamepad support – to be fully implemented for public demo release, but currently working & playable

NOTE: 6/12/23 Patch Notes at the bottom

We hope you are excited for Lil’ Guardsman’s full release. In the meantime there are a few things you can do:

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Versus Evil Community Manager – Rezza/Sydney

Demo Patch Notes (6/12/23)

We have been absolutely blown away with the reception & feedback for the Lil’ Guardsman Demo. Getting this slice of the game out into the public’s hands has been such a wonderful experience. The team has worked so hard on this experience of the game. We’re so glad that you’re enjoying it & we’re happy to share the list of updates & fixes coming to the demo below.

– Streamer Layout in settings moves the character dialogue headshots to the lower-right corner of the screen (instead of alternating sides), leaving the lower-left corner open for the streamer on screen

Bug Fixes:
– Improvements to the demo gamepad compatibility (inc. controller issue that would result in a soft lock after tutorial)
– Fixed bug with the streamer settings toggling Lil’s VO and NPC’s VO
– Misc. bugs squished!

Known Issues:
– Sound settings under construction!

Join us in our Official Discord Server for chit-chat, feedback + bug posting, dev BTS content & more. If you enjoyed your demo experience we’d really appreciate you wishlisting Lil’ Guardsman here on Steam.

Thank you all & stay safe!