Meet the Heroes of Tamarak Trail

Howdy everyone, VS Trippi here with the latest Tamarak Trail blog! In this blog we’re taking a look at the lore behind the three heroes; Malcolm the Tracker, Hale the Detective, and Elysia the Magician.

Malcolm is a legendary big game hunter known for taking down the largest, most ferocious beasts preying upon the land, Hale a youthful upstart determined to find their lost twin who disappeared somewhere along the Tamarak Trail, and Elysia a talented practitioner of the dark arts on a quest to avenge her parents following their murder by a sorcerer. All three found their way to the enigmatic order known as the Eye of the Sturgeon, where they now embark on an expedition further and deeper down the shadowy forest passage than anyone has dared venture before.

Lets take a closer look at their backstories!

Hale, The Detective

At only 23 years of age, Hale is among the youngest members of the Eye of the Sturgeon, and inarguably one of its brightest. However, it was great personal tragedy that led to the Order.

Born as twins, Hale and Cosmin were nearly inseparable growing up in the small village of Uttewas, despite wildly different interests. While Cosmin excelled in mischief, earning a reputation as prankster and troublemaker, Hale pursued an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, intrigued by life’s greatest unsolved mysteries. As a hobby, Hale often poked holes in the documented theories of reputable scholars to satisfy their own curiosity and perhaps even uncover possible alternative explanations.

Soon after the twins’ eighteenth birthday, Cosmin signed up for an expedition with a local trading company in search of valuable furs. No one was more surprised by this news than Hale. A two week trek through a treacherous mountain pass into the untamed Canadian wilderness didn’t sound like the type of opportunity Cosmin would’ve normally leapt at, but the pay was hard to argue with.

At the end of the expedition, Cosmin hadn’t returned with the rest of the company. Despite Hale’s thorough interrogation, no one could provide an explanation why, only vague references to a bizarre fascination Cosmin seemed to have developed with eerie, hand-carved figurines found hanging in the trees.

Weeks later, Hale received a strange letter from Cosmin containing only an apology and simply signed, “Goodbye.” Hale assembled a search party of volunteers from the original expedition to guide them to the last known location Cosmin had been seen.

Having searched fruitlessly for days, with exhaustion settling in, the weather turning, and provisions running low, the group decided to turn back, save for Hale, whose determination drove them to continue, eventually discovering an unassuming cabin deep in the woods with mysterious totems strung from the roof.

To heartbreaking dismay, Hale found no trace of their sibling within the cabin, only perplexing clues left behind: massive claw marks on the walls, broken floorboards, smashed furniture, and a heavy stench of iron in the air.

Armed with a long-barreled revolver sheathed at their hip, Hale followed blood-soaked drag marks across a field of tall grass to the mountains behind Cosmin’s home. The trail disappeared at the mouth of a giant cave. With sweat trickling down their face, Hale placed their trembling hand on the grip of their revolver and stepped toward the cave.

A heavy hand clapped Hale’s shoulder. “If you value your life, turn back now, pup,” said a deep, raspy voice.

The older man introduced himself as Malcolm and warned Hale once more to leave, but they were undeterred. After telling the man about Cosmin’s disappearance, Malcolm paused, stepped into the cave and nodded to Hale. “Come on then, but stay behind me.”

Torch in hand, Malcolm led them deeper into the cave, pausing every so often to kneel down and examine disturbances on the ground. A booming growl echoed throughout the chamber, frightening even Malcolm, the seasoned veteran. A tall, menacing figure came into view from the shadows. Hale’s eyes locked onto the unmistakable curved horns of a wild beast–one that they’d never seen before, nor one they could recall from their studies.

Malcolm handed Hale the torch and brandished a double-barreled shotgun from under his cloak. He fired one blast as the creature lunged toward them, hitting it square between the eyes. It fell to the ground at their feet, twitching for a few moments before coming to a stop.

Hale studied the creature’s form in a haze, attempting to wrap their brain around the impossibility of what lay before them until Malcolm’s voice cut through the fog. “Your sibling is not here.”

Simultaneously relieved and worried, Hale followed Malcolm out of the cave with the image of the unknown creature burned into their mind’s eye. Hale didn’t know what to do next, but one thing was crystal clear: they would need to solve a mystery beyond comprehension in order to find Cosmin and must stay with Malcolm to do it.

After initial reluctance, Malcolm finally agreed and allowed them to accompany him to his next destination, the Sturgeon Lodge. On their journey, the experienced tracker taught Hale about the Eye of the Sturgeon and the ways of their Order. “If we do our jobs well, the world will never know of our existence.”

Over the next six years, Malcolm took Hale under his wing and mentored them personally like a proud father. Hale trained hard until they were as proficient with a revolver as they were with their intellect. They rose through the Order’s ranks in record time and became the youngest member to ever complete a solo mission.

Although Hale felt completely satisfied with their new calling in life, the sadness of Cosmin’s sustained absence weighed heavily upon their heart. Hale hasn’t lost faith that Cosmin is still out there somewhere, and their search continues to this day.

Elysia, The Magician

Within the mystical realm of Tamarak, a captivating tale of mysticism and betrayal unfolds, drawing players into an extraordinary journey as they embody the indomitable sorceress Elysia. Bound by a tragic past and fueled by an unwavering determination, Elysia becomes a beacon of hope in the face of encroaching darkness that threatens to engulf the world.

Born and raised in the secluded village of Hareskovan, Elysia bore witness to the devastating effects of the malevolent forces that plagued Tamarak. Her idyllic life shattered when her parents fell victim to the sorcerer Zinfaren, igniting a fire within her soul for revenge and justice.

This traumatic event set her on a path towards mastering the arcane arts.
Guided by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a burning desire for retribution, Elysia sought the forbidden wisdom safeguarded by the enigmatic order known as the Eye of the Sturgeon. With each passing trial and perilous ritual, she honed her magical skills, unravelling the mysteries of the Shadowscale Dice—a cryptic relic resonating with the ancient forces of Tamarak.

Empowered by the Shadowscale Dice, Elysia became a conduit for unpredictable and potent magic. The dice, mystical artifacts of immense power, allowed her to channel the unpredictable energies of the world, shaping spells and abilities with each roll. The capricious nature of the dice became an integral part of Elysia’s sorcery.

As the world teeters on the precipice of darkness, Elysia’s unwavering loyalty to the Eye of the Sturgeon compels her to confront the encroaching malevolence head-on. Driven by her thirst for justice and vengeance against those who wronged her, she becomes a beacon of hope, determined to rekindle the light in a darkening world.

Now, as the relentless tides of darkness surge, Elysia stands at the forefront of an apocalyptic struggle. With her faithful companions by her side, she embarks on a treacherous quest to confront the unspeakable horrors that lurk within the shadows, defying insurmountable odds to restore balance and harmony.

Malcolm, The Tracker

Born to parents who lived a secluded life in the wilderness outside of Tamarak Trail, Malcolm learned how to handle weapons and hunt from an early age. Malcolm would accompany his father on hunts, and then assist his mother with preparing their kills for resources. It was a simple and solitary life, but Malcolm and his parents were content.

Tragedy befell teenage Malcolm when his father was severely injured by a freakishly large stag while on a hunt. Malcolm’s father wounded the stag just enough for Malcolm to deal the killing blow, but Malcolm’s father succumbed to his injuries. With his father gone, Malcolm had to step up as he became the sole provider for he and his mother.

Over time, Malcolm’s mother grew ill. Local doctors in Tamarak Trail had the medicine she required, so Malcolm had to venture outside his bubble in the wilderness to interact with other people, something he had very little experience with. As a seasoned hunter, he had fresh meat and pelts to barter with, allowing him to acquire what he needed for his mother. Malcolm traded with many of the trail’s inhabitants for several years until his mother peacefully passed away. With both his parents gone and having developed a positive working relationship with the trail’s inhabitants, Malcolm decided to start hunting and gathering resources for the trail full-time in an effort to find a new purpose in his life.

After a long, fulfilling career of providing for the trail, Malcolm became a legendary big game hunter among the inhabitants. He has slain the most ferocious beasts to the point where some say no challenge is too great for him. Malcolm was so well-known that he caught the attention of the Eye of the Sturgeon Order. The mysterious grotesque creatures that currently threaten the trail are unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, but if anyone has a fighting chance against them, it’s Malcolm. The Order extended an offer to Malcolm, and he accepted. Malcolm longed for purpose after his parents’ deaths, and now his purpose is eradicating these creatures from existence and becoming a hero.

Malcolm embarked on many missions for the Eye of the Sturgeon in its quest to rid the evil presence plaguing the trail. On one particular mission, he encountered Hale, a young would-be investigator who was searching for their sibling. Hale wanted to solve the mystery of what’s happening to the trail and find their sibling in the process, and insisted on sticking with Malcolm to do it. Aware of the dangerous nature of such a mission, Malcolm was initially hesitant, but ultimately accepted. As someone whose family was important to him, he couldn’t bring himself to stop someone from trying to reunite with theirs. Hale became an Eye of the Sturgeon member at Malcolm’s request, and he mentored Hale like his own child with the knowledge and wisdom his parents passed on to him. If Malcolm himself fails in his mission to save Tamarak Trail, he at least has a worthy successor in Hale to carry on his will and become the trail’s savior.

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