Meet the Monsters of Tamarak Trail

Howdy everyone! My name is VS Trippi and I’m here to help guide you through the trails. More importantly, I’m here to introduce you to some of the monsters you’ll be encountering on your journeys!

The trails are a dangerous place, but I’m here to arm you with knowledge to help you prevail in your next combat encounter! With that being said, let’s get into it and see some of what awaits you on the trails.

The Forest Monsters

Mosquito: They aren’t very strong, but they can be a pain in numbers. Their special skill is appropriately named.

Special Skill: Pest – Heal 1 wound after 3 turns.

Beetle Weasel: If they look menacing, it’s because they are. Be on your toes or have defensive buffs ready, their heavy attack could end your run early if you aren’t careful.

Special Skill: Battle Fury – Does a heavy attack at 3 stacks

Sluggards: These hefty fellows pack a unique punch depending on which one you encounter. There’s three to watch out for in total, each with their own unique Special Skill:
– Yellow/Orange: Reflect – Reflect half the damage to the attacker
– Green: Reactive Skin – Gain 2 defense when block is broken
– Purple: Rage – Add 3 damage to all attacks

Racoon Moose (Boss): The Racoon Moose is the first boss you’ll encounter on the trails. There’s no easy way to put it; He’s tough. Play your cards right and pile on enough damage and you’ll come out victorious.

He has two unique Special Skills to look out for:
Gain Fire attacks at low HP
Summons a Rat to the fight

Early on in your fight you may notice he tries to summon Rats; Your best bet is to focus everything you have on him and worry about the Rats second. While annoying, they don’t pack nearly as big a punch as the Racoon Moose.

The Forest Monsters

From left to right: Ghost Dog A, Ghost Dog B

Ghost Dogs: While we usually encourage you to pet the puppy, trying that here could be your downfall. The ghost dogs may look cute, but they pack a punch, especially when you’re fighting multiple together. The Ghost Dogs have different Special Skills pending which one you’re fighting:

Ghost Dog A:

Lone Wolf – Remove 3 damage for each Ghost Dog

Protect the pack – 10 defense for each other Ghost Dog

Ghost Dog B:

Pack Hunter – Adds 3 damage for each Ghost Dog

Ghost Puppeteers: These scary puppeteers will give you a show to die for; Like the ghost dogs, there are multiple variants with different special skills depending which you’re fighting.

– Curse – All abilities cost 1 resolve more
– Ghastly Power: Increase regeneration by 1 per stack

– Ethereal: Receive half the damage
– Pale Vigor: Increases Resolve regeneration by 1 per stack

– Crystalloplasm – Adds 1 defense at the start of turn per stack

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These are just some of the monsters you’ll encounter on the trail; No two runs will be the same, so you may encounter more of one monster type versus the other. Remember, knowledge is only half the battle here. Strategy and dice customization will also go a long way!

We hope you are excited for Tamarak Trail’s full release later this year! As always, if you have any content to share or questions for the team, please feel free to reach out. You can stay in touch with me and the rest of the Versus Evil team by joining our Discord and following our various social media channels.

~ VS Trippi