Hey there folks, VS Renee here with an exciting announcement to share with the community…

The Monolith: Requiem of the Ancients demo will be available to the public throughout the entirety of Steam Next Fest, until Oct. 16th!

Let’s quickly jump into some notes to help you enjoy your experience in Gliese to its fullest!


Joins Steam Next Fest October 9th - 16th

We are excited to announce that our playable demo will be available to the public throughout the entirety of Steam Next Fest, until October 16th!

In the demo, your journey begins as Astor, who is right at the beginning of their epic adventure!

Astor’s search for ancient secrets leads them to the Temple of Soma, a derelict structure ripe for exploration. Will you unearth the answers you seek, or will the path be fraught with peril?

Becoming the savior of the planet is a formidable undertaking, and at this early chapter in Astor’s journey, they have much to learn. A tutorial will introduce you to the fundamentals of combat, setting the stage for the challenges that lie ahead. As you progress deeper into the game, mastering these techniques becomes paramount for survival.

Nevertheless, the journey offers opportunities for growth!

Throughout the demo, you can acquire additional skills and upgrades, gradually enhancing Astor’s capabilities. Most importantly, you’ll unlock a major ability – the Runic Blast. This skill allows you to summon a surge of arcane energy with a multitude of practical uses. Whether as a ranged attack, a means to unseal doors, or even a tool to interact with mechanisms, the Runic Blast will become an invaluable asset in your quest for answers and glory.

An epic tale of good and evil is in the midst of unfolding…

Rise, young hero. The fate of a world awaits.

Notes & Known Issues:

– The demo is only available in English, but the full game will support French, German, Spanish – Spain, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese – Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish – Latin America & Traditional Chinese for interface & subtitles.

– Although the demo is pretty solid overall, we’re still tidying up and fixing bugs. It is a work-in-progress and is not representative of the final product.

– We’re still applying tweaks to balance gameplay, so some elements may feel a bit too easy or too hard at times right now. Let us know how it feels to you!

– Control remapping is planned, but still WIP in this build.

– If you experience issues with your gamepad, please try turning off Steam Input. If you continue to experience trouble, please join us on Discord for additional troubleshooting.Please Note:

If you need help identifying your PlayStation button mapping from Xbox defaults or setting up your Steam Deck…

We have you covered in our Discord with step by step instructions and infographics!

We want to hear from you – join the official Monolith: RoTA Discord and leave your feedback on our forums!

Please include any information, screenshots, or videos in your posts – this additional information is invaluable to our dev team and allows them to work on recreating any bugs you may run into at this stage of development!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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~ VS | Renee
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