Welcome to Steam Next Fest! Our demo for Monolith: Requiem of the Ancients is live and ready for download until October 16th. We’re so excited to share it with you, and can’t wait to hear what you think!


Demo Patch Notes - October 13, 2023

– Input Remapping
– Camera Sensitivity Settings

Localization In All Languages:
– Spanish – Latin America
– French
– German
– Japanese
– Korean
– Portuguese – Brazil
– Russian
– Simplified Chinese
– Traditional Chinese

– General UI/HUD improvements
– Auto dash changes to manual dash with RT or Shift Keyboard

Bug Fixes:
– Player can now interact with a ‘Button’ to open the first ‘Gate’ before killing the enemies.
– ‘Zan’ no longer gets stuck on the stairs when investigating the room with ‘Astor’.
– All inputs will no longer be lost when interacting with the portrait while talking to ‘Zan’ in the ‘Temple of Soma’.
– ‘Purple Crystal’ will now respawn after loading an autosave where the player has already destroyed it at the ‘Temple of Soma’
– ‘Resolution Scale’ is now translated into some languages in the ‘Graphics’ menu.
– ‘Runic Shield’ tutorial can now be completed when reloading an autosave without finishing it at the ‘Temple of Soma’.
– Enemies will now spawn when reloading a save file without killing them in the wing entrance at the ‘Temple of Soma’.
– ‘Astor’ can now talk with ‘Zan’ in the portrait room when going there for the first time at the ‘Temple of Soma’.
– ‘Crystal’ can now be interacted with when reloading an autosave in the end of the ‘Religion Wing’ at the ‘Temple of Soma’.
– ‘Crystal’ can now be interacted with when reloading a manual save file after it is already activated in the ‘Main Chamber’ at the ‘Temple of Soma’.
– ‘Pickup’ is now translated into any language besides ‘English’ when interacting with the ‘Shard Upgrade’.
– ‘Apply’ typo has been fixed in the ‘Graphics’ menu when the game’s language is set to ‘Portuguese’.

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