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It’s finally here, horror fans! The moment you’ve been anxiously waiting for is upon us.. The game that will plunge you into a heart-pounding world of terror, is ready to hit your screens!

Stray Souls, developed by Jukai Studio and published by Versus Evil, is set to launch today at 7 PM CEST, 1 PM ET, and 10 AM PT on PC, PlayStation 4|5, and Xbox Series S|X for $29.99!

PC players will be able to purchase the Stray Souls: Cult Classic Edition for $39.99, which includes the official soundtrack and Sacred Tome artbook. Please note, both of these items can be purchased separately – but there will be no physical edition.

The soundtrack features legendary guest composer Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill) and veteran indie composer Pete Wicher. The Stray Souls OST contains a total of 60 tracks and over 3 hours of music, including exclusive bonus tracks not featured in the game.

The Sacred Tome is an unholy compendium that includes a gorgeous collection of gothic watercolor illustrations from the vault of artist Phil Worobey, plus a complete digital lore library encompassing all the discoverable notes, letters, and various documentation found throughout the game.

Update 10/25:
Unfortunately, the Stray Souls official soundtrack has been unexpectedly delayed. Although we don’t have an exact date, we expect it to be available very soon and we’ll be sure to make an announcement as soon as it’s live. You can wishlist it here in the meantime!

Because the soundtrack has been delayed, that means that the Cult Classic Edition has also been delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you posted as soon as it’s available!

Stray Souls delivers the classic horror experience but with a modern twist. The combat system pays homage to the classics while introducing a precision reminiscent of souls-like games. Get ready for heart-pounding action as you navigate a world filled with dread and despair.

Prepare to traverse the dark and mysterious world of Aspen Falls, where you’ll come face to face with your worst nightmares. In this third-person action-horror game, you’ll combat horrifying creatures, unravel mind-bending puzzles, and unearth a family secret so chilling it’ll make your blood run cold. Your very existence hinges on exposing the grim truth.

If you’re a connoisseur of frights and a fan of games like Alan Wake, Silent Hill, The Last of Us, or Resident Evil 2, Stray Souls is the game you’ve been waiting for. It’s got everything you crave: an unsettling psychological experience dripping with lore, and enough scares to keep you up at night.

“Stray Souls is the first psychological horror game in Versus Evil’s history, and we couldn’t be more excited about its release,” said Dave Hulegaard, Sr. Brand Manager of Versus Evil. “The talented team at Jukai Studio are students of the genre, and their passion is on full display from Daniel’s very first chilling encounter with the paranormal.”

The game’s graphics are simply out of this world. Powered by the Unreal 5 Engine and Metahuman technology, it’s a visual feast that’ll leave you in awe. Advanced facial animations add a level of realism you’ve never seen before. Dynamic lighting and weather bring Aspen Falls to life in exquisite detail, from the peeling wallpaper in Grandma’s house to the fog-covered forest that’ll have you questioning every step you take.

Jukai Studio, the masterminds behind Stray Souls, are horror enthusiasts to the core. While some team members have previously contributed to titles like The Medium and Visage, Stray Souls gave them the creative freedom to put their own unique spin on J-horror and survival horror. And to top it off, having Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka on board was a dream come true.

“We at Jukai Studio have been obsessed with horror games for seemingly our whole lives. Members of our team have contributed to titles like The Medium and Visage in the past, but Stray Souls allowed us to really flex our creative muscles and use our expertise to put our own spin on both J-horror and survival horror,” said Artur Łączkowski, Owner & Director at Jukai Studio. “Being able to get Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka on board was a clear sign that our vision was coming through to an industry legend, so we’re excited to finally share the full game with the public just in time for Halloween!”

We want to take a moment to express our deep gratitude. We know that waiting for a highly anticipated game can be difficult, but you, our incredible community, have been more than patient. Your unwavering support during the development process has fueled our determination to create a unique and unforgettable gaming experience with Stray Souls.

So, dear horror enthusiasts, the stage is set, and the nightmare awaits. Stray Souls is your ticket to a journey filled with fear, dread, and mystery. Don’t miss out on the terror of a lifetime, and get ready to confront your fears!

You don’t want to keep Grandma waiting…

We can’t wait to see you exploring Aspen Falls – Grandma is just dying to meet you, too! Thanks for reading!

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