Hey seafarers, we’ve got good news in store for you today! A new patch for the console versions of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is inbound and will be landing ashore tomorrow. What does the latest patch address?

  • Save/Load buttons being inaccessible issue was solved
  • Crash in Engwithan Waystation Level Two is fixed
  • Hard lock during autosave was resolved
  • Hard lock doesn’t occur anymore when “Goods and Services” and “Trade Secrets” quests are completed at once
  • Various crash issues are solved
  • Playable characters aren’t stuck in traps anymore during turn-based mode
  • Various quest issues resolved
  • Puzzle in Sandswept Ruins can be solved much more easily
  • Various issues connected to Yseyr were solved
  • Luca is present in VTC HQ – “Coming To Terms” quest can be completed
  • Snapping to various interactable objects was fixed when using auto-mode
  • Various character ability issues updated and fixed
  • Paladin Auras are reset to default after loading saved file – fixed
  • Monk’s “Mortification Of Soul” now works correctly
  • Monk’s “Dance of Death” and “Enduring Dance” were fixed
  • Ranger’s Ghost Pet auto-attack was fixed
  • Druid’s “Wall of Frost” is correctly casted
  • Correct tooltips are displayed on various effects which are granted within various items
  • Various inventory bugs resolved
  • Navigation in the store was improved when dragging items
  • UI/UX bugs with the cursor have been solved
  • Fixed a bug preventing further inspection of tooltips
  • Fixed a bug showing a “Miss” but still dealing damage
  • Fixed a bug preventing scrolling when food got spoiled
  • Fixed several bugs preventing crew dialogue options being displayed
  • Fixed “NullReference” issue connected to looting objects
  • Fixed a bug causing blood splash animation to play repeatedly

In all seriousness, we want to thank everyone in the community for their continued support and patience. We encourage you to continue reporting issues that you see as that helps us tremendously. To stay up to date on all the latest news, make sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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