Starting today until next Thursday, Faeria is free on the Epic Games Store!

This is just the first big step we’re taking this year to building the Faeria community. We’re committed to growing this amazing game’s player base.

For the free week we’re also selling two special bundles, both at 40% discounts.

The Epic Launch DLC Bundle for $24.99 (represents a 40% discount) Full Price – $41.65 and includes The Chronicles of Gagana, Fall of Everlife and Resurgence DLC’s.

The All DLC Bundle priced $59.99  (represents a 40% discount) Full Price – $99.99 and includes the entire catalogue of DLC’s available for Faeria including Elements, Avatars, Orbs, Cardbacks and more.

New players are welcome to join the coming tournament this Saturday – (better hurry and level up!) – or watch the best of the best do it on Twitch!

You can go to Twitch or look for this button on the main menu.

In celebration, we’re running an upcoming $10,000 cash prize tournament. Details and timing still to be determined!

If you’re getting walloped online, come meet the community on Discord. We’re a friendly bunch and happy to give you helpful tips or play a round.

There’s more news to come so be sure to obsessively stalk us on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

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