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By July 29, 2020Versus The Week

Hey guys, Maevri here!

We’re back again with the Almighty Monthly Update from Run Wild. Read on to find out more about what the developer has been focused on this month.

Almighty: Kill Your Gods Monthly Developer Update

There has been a fair amount of technical work done over this last period, in relation to multiplayer, player accounts and the like, as we prepare to start giving a limited number of players access to the game so we can start getting some feedback. There are lots of aspects of the game we are still working on, and numerous bugs to fix and optimisations to make, so letting people see the game at this stage is always a bit of a nervous experience but also exciting.

Some of the new content we have been adding are a couple of new gods. We are in the process of converting over a number of enemies to a new AI system that is behaviour tree based, and the gods are one of them. This will be an improvement on the old system and allow us to expand how the enemies work.

In the world of Almighty what you do has cause and effect, the game world dynamically reacts to you, the more treasure you loot the more enemies you kill the more the gods get pissed off and start to spawn higher level enemies. Each island has an anger level, and when it reaches ‘level 3’ then the likelihood of a god turning up and laying down some righteous retribution is very high. Early on in the game you will likely want to avoid this as you won’t be equipped to take down a god, but as you become more powerful you will want to provoke these confrontations.

The picture above shows the Overlord, one of the gods you will encounter on your path to becoming Almighty. To take on a god you are going to have to deal and take some serious damage, and in general it will be better to attack them as part of a pack.

Before killing a god you will have to start to weaken it first. You can do this by shooting off its armour to be able to do more damage, but a key tactic is to shoot off one off its tentacles. Doing this removes an attacking option as at the end of each tentacle is a magic gauntlet that can fire magic projectiles, so the less tentacles it has the more diminished some of its potential attacking options. It also reduces its resistance to damage, so the less tentacles it has the more damage you can do.

Another benefit of shooting off a tentacle is that the magic god gauntlet that is attached to the tentacles falls to the ground, you can pick it up and leg it to an extraction portal and extract it for all the cool loot inside.

On the back of every god is a protected Power Stone, which Alphas can shoot the cover off, jump at it and clamp onto it to punch and do some serious melee damage. Of course, this is pretty hard to do when its flying about, so shooting a tentacle off and downing it making it vulnerable for a period of time is a good opportunity to employ this tactic.

Gods not only have projectile attacks, they can summon spells such as magical tornados or fiery storm clouds. In the case of the Overlord it can summon in a magical thundercloud that can rain down fire on anything below.

Back to updating our build and fixing various bugs, we will have further updates soon on the progress we are making.


That’s all for this week!  As always, if you have any content or questions please feel free to reach out via our socials. You can stay in touch with me and the team by joining our Discord and following us on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.



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