Being Home: A Versus Evil Blog Series – Part III

By April 2, 2020Blog

Hi, gamers. This week for our Being Home blog series, we’re going to cover some at home work out solutions. Some of us lost gyms, all of us are trying to be good citizens and stay inside more, so we’re trying to stay active between video games. We want to share a favorite exercise secret of ours: resistance bands.


They’re relatively inexpensive, they don’t take up a lot of space, and they build strength with less risk of you hurting yourself since you can lean into the resistance. Here’s an upper body workout you can do while on the floor at home:

All exercises below using resistance bands:

A1      Press ups                                                                               10 reps

A2      Tricep dips                                                                            20 reps

A3      Dumbbell bicep curls                                                          10 reps

45 secs rest then repeat, 3 rounds

B1     Resistance cable bicep curls                                             10-15 reps

B2     Resistance single arm standing rows                              10-15 reps each arm

B3     Resistance double arm standing rows                            10-15 reps

45 secs rest then repeat, 3 rounds

C1     Resistance cable single arm overhead press                    10 reps each arm

C2     Resistance cable double overhead press                          10 reps

45 secs rest then repeat, 3 rounds

D1      Resistance cable tricep kick backs                                    15 reps each arm

D2      Tricep dips                                                                             15 reps

We’re not fitness influencers, but there are plenty of healthier people on YouTube who can show you how to do these.

That’s it for this week’s Being Home blog. We’re just at home too, so remember to say hi on Discord. Stay safe this weekend, everyone!

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