Hey folks, Dave here!

We heard you loud and clear after Steam Game Festival last month: you want more First Class Trouble! Well, we’re happy to oblige, and excited to announce our next Steam playtest running March 14 – 18.

First Class Trouble – St. Patrick’s Day Event

To survive an A.I. uprising, a little luck of the Irish on your side couldn’t hurt, so we’ve added some St. Patrick’s Day themed character customization options for you. Remember: in space, no one can pinch you if you’re wearing green!

Now before you dive in, here’s a quick FAQ to ensure your time spent aboard the ISS Alithea is nothing but first class fun!

How can I participate in the playtest?

Easy peasy! Click here to sign-up. Once your request has been processed by the team, you’ll receive an email when your playtest access has been granted.

Do I have to sign up again if I’ve already played a previous demo?

Maybe. If you’ve participated in an earlier playtest, you’re automatically in, and can play without going through the signup process again. However, if you’ve only previously played the Steam Game Festival demo, you will need to sign up for this playtest.

If you’re unsure which version(s) you’ve played in the past, luckily, Steam makes it pretty easy to tell the difference:

  • If you have First Class Trouble Playtest in your library, you’re good to go.
  • If you only have First Class Trouble Demo in your library, you’ll need to sign-up.

NOTE: If you played in Steam Games Festival Demo – we’d ask you to uninstall that demo and ensure you are playing on the First Class Trouble Playtest app via your Steam Library.

How do I play with my friends/how many of my friends can I play with?

A game can be played with up to six players. From the matchmaking lobby menu, you will have the option to create a private lobby for games exclusively with your friends.

Is this the same demo from Steam Game Festival?

No way! New features. New areas unlocked. This demo is chock-full of goodness. We’re excited for you to see what’s changed, and of course, to hear your feedback.

I found a bug or I’ve got other feedback for the devs! Where do I report this?

There are a couple of different ways. You can message Versus Evil on social media or our Discord, or you can message the devs directly on Discord. Either way, we’re listening!

I’ve never played the game before. What do I do?

Don’t worry. There are plenty of in-game prompts to guide you along. You’ll get the hang of it in no time!

I want to support the devs, how can I do that?

That’s so awesome of you, and very much appreciated! First and foremost, you can wishlist the game on Steam. We also suggest giving Invisible Walls a follow on Twitter.

As always, if you have any content to share or questions for the team, please feel free to reach out via our socials. You can stay in touch with me and the rest of the Versus Evil team by joining our Discord and following us on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.

~ VS Dave