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Lil’ Guardsman – Demo Tips & Tricks! ✏️

Good day, future Guardsman!

Your guardsman trial is upon you, so let’s make sure you are fully prepped & ready to roll. There are some key points that you need to be familiar with: tools of the trade, The Royal Writ, the advisors & the Wicket3000. Once you familiarize yourself with these you will be armed & ready for anything (well almost anything…).

Make sure to check out our Lil’ Guardsman Tool Guide blog for a more extensive review of the tools to help prepare yourself for what is ahead. Good luck & we hope you enjoy the Lil’ Guardsman Demo. If you do – don’t forget to wishlist it on Steam!

Notice: Before you hop into the demo, we have a quick note about localization. Although the full version of the game will support Chinese (Simplified), German, and Spanish (Latin America) at launch, this demo is available in English only for now. We hope to have a localized version available very soon!

Demo Notes:
– Partial gamepad support – to be fully implemented for public demo release, but currently working & playable

Tools at your Disposal:

Truth Spray:
Spritz away at someone suspicious who you think could be lying, & the truth will be revealed.

Metal Detector:
Use this to uncover hidden metal objects, from weapons to gold & more.

We don’t know when to recommend using this, but you’ll know when the time is right…

When you need to search for concealed contraband, use the handy X-Ray!

Decoder Ring:
When there’s something that needs to be translated or may contain a hidden message, your best bet is the Decoder Ring.

The Royal Writ, the Council Members & the Wicket3000:

The Royal Writ
This document contains daily instructions from the royal advisors that you will receive at the beginning of every shift. Its may contain intelligence about world events, known criminals to be on the lookout for, & more to advance the advisors’ agendas… we mean keep the Sprawl safe for the public good!

Lieutenant Meg Stryker
The de facto martial leader of the Sprawl. She advises the Princess on military matters, and also oversees the day to day policing of the city. Her years of training and service have sharpened her into an effective, direct leader; though you wouldn’t think of her as being a traditional ‘compromiser’.

Councilwoman Isadora Ashe
Councilwoman Isadora Ashe has fabricated a backstory of being highborn from a distant kingdom. But the truth is she grew up on the mean streets of the Sprawl. Her finely-tuned persona intersects with her tenacity, street smarts, and when needed… viciousness. She is the most well-connected political operator within the Sprawl.

Jester Malcolm (no last name known)
Everything about Malcolm is a mystery. He juggles.

The Wicket3000
This is the contraption used to make your final judgment on whether or not you will be letting someone into the Sprawl. You must be diligent in your questioning and certain about your choice because you cannot undo it (unless you rewind time… but we’ll get into that at a later date). Be sure to press & hold the lever down to generate their photo and stamp of judgment.


Q: Do I need to use all three action points before I use the Wicket3000?
A: Nope! You can decide someone’s fate at any point in your interrogation process. In fact, a speedy decision is sometimes the way to unlock a 4-star result.

Q: Get stuck on what more to do while interrogating a character?
A: Don’t forget to call your advisors, check the Royal Writ & use your tools. Don’t be shy spending action points just talking – sometimes THAT’S the way to unlock a 4-star result.

Q: What is the replay value of the demo?
A: The same as the entire game – we recommend playing through at least a couple times since your choices will decide your story & dialogue path. Between interrogating, your tools, and calling the advisors, there’s lots to uncover!

More General Lil’ G FAQs in our Discord server!

Note: You can skip the intro by holding down the left mouse button.

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