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Meet Daniel

Daniel has just celebrated his 18th birthday. So far, he’s led an ordinary life, except for one mysterious detail: he was adopted and knew nothing about his biological family. Despite his loving adoptive family, Daniel often felt disconnected from the world, though he hid it well.

Two weeks before his birthday, a mysterious letter arrived. It was from a lawyer, informing Daniel that his biological grandmother had left him her house. Excitement and curiosity swirled within him. Finally, he had a chance to live independently and uncover the secrets of his birth family! With eager anticipation, he made arrangements to move into his newly inherited home. Little did Daniel know, his journey was about to take a dark turn…

Within the creaking walls and eerie silence of the house, Daniel’s nightmare awaited. Hidden within its decayed embrace was a malevolent presence, biding its time. As he explored his newfound dwelling, each step filled him with a growing sense of unease. The house seemed to whisper secrets from the past, and a chilling dread gripped his heart.

Unbeknownst to Daniel, he had entered a realm where the line between reality and horror blurred. Every sound, every gust of wind, held a sinister meaning. The house was a gateway to a nightmarish ordeal that would test his courage and resilience.

Haunted by the unknown and tormented by the house’s dark history, Daniel found himself trapped in a chilling dance with malevolence. The shadows whispered their secrets, and the air grew heavy with a sense of impending doom.

Will Daniel uncover the truth about his origins, or will he become entangled in the clutches of a supernatural nightmare from which there is no escape?

The answers lie within the haunted walls, waiting to be discovered…

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