Hey, everyone! VS Dave here.

If you’ve spent any amount of time with UnMetal, then you already know that it’s full of inside jokes, pop culture references, and secrets to discover. Sometimes the gags are hidden in plain sight, and others require a keen eye and/or dumb luck to stumble upon.

I don’t want to ruin the game experience for anyone who’s yet to complete it, so this is your first and only ***SPOILER WARNING***

And with that out of the way, let’s take a look at five things you may have missed in UnMetal.


Five Things You May Have Missed

  1. Goonies Never Say Die – At the start of the game, Jesse Fox begins his great escape from imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit. To trick the cell guard, Jesse pretends to hang himself. When the guard enters the cell to investigate, he finds a note pinned to Jesse’s body that says, “You schmuck. Do you really think I would be stupid enough to kill myself?” This line is taken directly from the opening scene to The Goonies, in which Jake Fratelli escapes from jail using the same method.
  2. Punch, Punch, Punch – UnMetal is littered with destructible crates, file cabinets, and containers, but some objects are simply too hefty for even Jesse’s iron fists. Such as a giant stack of boxes. Punch them six times and you’re rewarded with a cutscene in which Jesse explains his need for such “gratuitous violence.” Similarly, punch the window to a sleeping prisoner’s cell and they’ll yell at you to stop. Keep doing it, and eventually the prisoner will punch back with devastating results.
  1. Fire Bad, Tree Pretty – To avoid the heat sensor alarms during his escape, Jesse puts on an Anti-Thermal Suit to slip by undetected. But did you know that the suit will also protect you against actual fire later in the game? If you don’t use it, you’ll be treated to an extra cutscene in which the question comes up during Jesse’s interrogation.
  2. We All Live in a Yellow Submarine – This one may be obvious to gamers of a certain age, but for the younger crowd, Jesse’s hijacked sub, “so comfortable you can live in it,” is a reference to the 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine, starring The Beatles. Your parents probably own the record. Seriously. Go check. It’s probably there. Post a photo with it on social media and tag us!
  3. Pet the Doggie – During Jesse’s escape, he finds himself in a rather precarious showdown with a hungry and fleet-footed Doberman. Throw a slab of raw meat on the ground, and it’ll buy you enough time to run past without incident. But throw multiple slabs of meat for the puppers to chomp down on, and it will eventually become too full and bloated to chase you with all its might. D’aww! Just look at its full little belly!

How many of these did you find?

Oh, and about that noose? We’ll tell you later.

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~ VS Dave