Villagers, welcome to Winter Fest in Eville!

The event brings new cosmetics, decorations, home furniture customization & more. 🏠🎄🧊

The village of Eville, main menu and tavern are decorated for the festive season and are covered in snow.

Mysterious Ice Cubes – Luckily, most of the heavily traversed pathways have been cleared for your safety, but the removal of snow piles in the area has brought Mysterious Ice Cubes to surface. Those brave enough to investigate these may even find the following useful items to aid them along their journey:

Patches of Ice – Watch your step! Puddles of melted snow have frozen over, creating slippery areas around the village that could send you sliding into danger.

Ice Walls – Unusual weather patterns have created icy barricades that will block your path. Don’t worry, though! They’ll melt over time, allowing you to resume your preferred route through the village.

Ice Traps – Beware nightfall, as temperatures drop below freezing, creating perilous traps. Step on one, and you’ll be frozen in place for a few seconds, which could mean life or death for someone on the run!

We hope you enjoy Eville’s Winter Fest that is live now through January 10th, 2023. Happy holidays & season’s greetings from all of us at VestGames & Versus Evil!

Balance Changes & Bugfixes

– Advanced mode is now playable from 6 to 12 players (8 to 12 players before)
– Slanderer’s Face Morph ability can now be used anywhere and shows a menu that allows the selection of any player
– Protection Potion: Now blocks any physical damage. That includes Traps and Guard attacks, as well as Axe Cleave (as before)
– New Option in the control menu to reset controls

– Fixed numerous locations of potential Trap or Dark Idol placements
– Seer – When in a watchful eye, seers would not be affected by any potions used at night
– The Tutorial start location was wrong
– [UI] Role Claim and Role Assumption menus could be opened while the game was ending
– [UI] Seer – Health status did not update when in a Watchful Eye at night
– [UI] Wrong message shown when the day started
– The Missing Candle pickup and Herbal Tea showed the wrong item on the minimap