Season’s Greetings Villagers! ❄️🎁

We bring you news of Updates 1.3.1-1.3.3, a gift code for 500 Silver Crowns & a new DLC – Frost Golem! Thank you so much for supporting Eville. 💝 We hope you have a lovely rest of the Winter season.

Code for 500 Silver Crowns: ‘yLSBxDA8T2be7KVv4AMG’

Enter the code in the bottom left ‘Additional Options’ on Eville’s home game menu.

📜 1.3.1 Patch Notes 📜:

– Strangers can no longer see other identities at night
– Ritualist – As a Ritualist you now see a Dark Idol symbol above players if they have one
– Abilities now show day or night use by a yellow or blue border in the UI

– Slanderer’s “Face morph” ability was bugged at night, showing the real identity to villagers
– Max level season progression sound effect fixed
– Trapper’s “One With Nature” ability allowed the trapper to get multiple Winter items on pickup
– Ribcage Pickup was a candle icon for “Missing Body” Ghost Quest
– Ice wall sound effect fixed
– Ice blocks spawns at the start of map removed
– Tutorial Quests now cannot be abandoned + fixed some items that weren’t spawning properly
– Reset control buttons could stack warnings
– HUD messages & errors were too low
– Role Claim UI was positioned behind the crosshair
– Minecart causing fall damage on Day/Night change & guilty vote teleport fixed
– There is now a separate launch option for Windows 7 users

📜 1.3.3 Patch Notes 📜:

– Code redemption and Additional Options menu now available on PS4 & PS5

– Mage Blossom spawns in Winter maps spawned ice cubes instead (during quests)
– Game no longer soft-locks if someone disconnects while burning in the cage
– Protection potion is no longer active during the day
– Certain emotes kept playing while sleeping

DLC – Frost Golem ❄️🏔️

Become one of the mighty Frost Golems, an ancient denizen of the Frozen Tundra.

This cosmetic pack includes several items:

🔹 Avatar: Frost Golem
These golems are located in the Frozen Tundra near the Frost Pit. They live in seclusion and pose a great threat if you oppose them. Not much is known about their history, as not many have survived their encounter.

🔹 Back-Item: Ice Crystal Club
This was once a normal club, but a Frost Golem’s presence enhanced its chilling capabilities.

🔹 Accessory: Ancient Frost Mask
The mask is a catalyst for the energy that can create a Frost Golem. Once a golem perishes, a new one can be brought to life with its mask.

🔹 Painting: Making a Friend
Building your own Snowman.

🔹 Loading Screen: Frost Golem
The Frost Golem is wandering the Voiceless Woods near the mountains.

Frost Golem DLC – not eligible for refunds.

❄️ Happy Holidays & stay frosty,

Rezza – Eville Community Manager