Hey, folks! VS Dave here.

Say what you will about Scandinavian Intergalactic Infinity Cruises’ handling of an A.I. uprising, but they sure do know how to deck out the I.S.S. Alithea for the holidays!

With Easter soon approaching, we thought we’d give all you loyal Residents & Personoids a sneak peek of what’s to come in the next First Class Trouble DLC Pack. So, grab your Easter baskets and slap on a pair of bunny ears, because we’re hunting for eggs!

First Class Trouble

First Look: Easter Pack

C.A.I.N. will never see you coming!

This is just a peek, but fear not. We’ll have more details about the First Class Trouble Easter Pack soon. In the meantime, raise a glass with us and say cheers to decorating eggs in pastel colors and eating our fill in Peeps’s marshmallow-y goodness!

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~ VS Dave

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