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We are so excited to announce that everyone’s favorite game about evil washing machines is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 14th. That’s less than two weeks away!

If you’re new to the wacky world of Sockventure, and think a game about collecting missing socks sounds a bit too “kiddie,” you’re in for one real big surprise. Don’t let the premise and bright colors fool you. Sockventure is as about as hardcore of a platformer as they come. You’ll get to know death real quick, and stillĀ come right back for more!


Coming to Nintendo Switch April 14th

Sockventure brings super fast, eye catching gameplay with its stunningly colorful graphics and frenetic 2D platform action over 200 handcrafted levels across 7 chapters. Developed by Nighthouse Games, players take on the role of Supersock, a superhero tasked with finding all the missing socks inside a cursed washing machine.

If you missed my interview with developer Nighthouse Games, I promise it’s worth a read!

Precision-based gameplay and split second timing are essential to navigate the intricately designed levels filled with deadly hazards, such as fire, lasers, circular saws and other dangerous threats.

Sockhero can acquire new skills during his deadly sock retrieval mission. Wall jumping, double jumping, dashing and stomping help him navigate myriad colorful levels and devious hazards in the search for lost socks.

Sockhero can also collect coins scattered throughout the levels, which unlock dark chapters, presenting a whole new platforming challenge without auto-run.

What’s New for Switch?

  • Optimized visuals. Graphics are bright and clean on Switch with improved post process effects.
  • Optimized audio for seamless integration.
  • Reduced loading times.
  • Loads of tweaks and balances under the hood to boost performance.

“Sockventure is an amazingly fun platformer with an all too relatable story about your kids favorite socks. Yes, I said it. The premise of this game is a deadly journey through a washing machine in search of a child’s favorite socks. Until you have a child… you do not understand, okay?

“But even if you can’t relate, the controls are reactive, the levels are progressively more challenging, a death counter in each chapter, and all the socks you want! You want a red sock? You get it! You want a pride sock? You get it!”

~ Drogith, Versus Evil Herald

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