Almighty: Kill Your Gods

Update 0.1.167 is Live!

Happy 2023, Alphas!

We’ve been working hard to update Almighty, and have spent a tremendous amount of time tackling several areas of the game to help improve the overall performance aspects. We will continue to look for ways we can upgrade the community’s experience and monitor anything that could potentially be problematic.

We’re excited to share… this update should increase things dramatically for most players!

As always, we appreciate you and thank you for all your feedback, support, ideas, and patience you have given us as we continue to improve the overall game and player experience. Your comments and notes help direct our focus to the items most important to your player experience!

Here’s a list of what’s included in this update:

  • Added Steam Achievements.
  • Threading optimization for enemy AI logic to reduce CPU load, the more cores you have the better the performance.
  • Compass performance optimization.
  • Ocean shader performance optimization.
  • Particle performance optimization.
  • IK Raycast optimization for enemies.
  • Added Yeet Sigil to Defender Sigil School, when inscribed boosts thrown objects explosive damage.
  • Added high tier inscribing options for Sigils in Blacksmith, Artificer and Alchemist.
  • Added more Almighty tier challenging Daily Quests.
  • Increased lifetime on carriable objects before being de-spawned.
  • Adjusted Status effects on enemies, Resistance doesn’t stop Status damage being applied any more, just reduces it, Weakness increases damage as normal.
  • Added additional higher damage Status effects, Fecal Poison, Ancestral Lightning, Morning Light, Blaze Fire, Winters Ice and Chaos Void.
  • Fixed Blaze of Glory explosion on impact and status, Blaze Fire status added for increased Fire damage.
  • Fixed Winters Fury explosion on impact and status, Winters Ice status added for increased Ice damage.
  • Morning Star projectiles added homing ability, Morning Light status added for increased Light damage.
  • Fixed Awens Blessing healing over time, increased healing on enter.
  • Fixed Heroic Call healing and damage reduction, doubled range of enemies attracted.
  • Fixed Solar Shield damage on touch.
  • Fixed Wildfire Shield damage on touch.
  • Fixed Lure spell where some enemies ignore lure.
  • Fix to Solar Shield Sigil.
  • Stopped some Powerstones exploding on firing when inside Solar and Wildfire Shields.
  • Increased some damage caps to 200% on modifiers.
  • Adjusted Plasma Stone damage, slowest speed and traveling rate of fire and damage.
  • Improved Plasma Stone secondary projectile rate and damage.
  • Stopped Charge Stone exploding on fire when fully charged.
  • Increased spread of Storm Amulet spells so they land in wider area.
  • Added force to Shot Stones and increased shot number and reduced cool-down.
  • Fixed Shield Stones issue with not blocking and reflecting projectiles when standing.
  • Fix to Storm Guardian Arm Turret rotation and fire speed, increased health.
  • Adjusted Gods tentacle damage reduction, have to remove tentacles to start doing serious damage again.
  • Changed Overlord to use Fire Cloud instead of Poison for area ground attack.
  • Tweaked tool tip UI so that it is above health bar when eating food.
  • Fixed Highlord body animations for moving around, doesn’t just sit there.
  • Fixed camera transitions on buildings, and monster stomach, now cuts.
  • Improved God Storm projectiles, removed lights.
  • Added missing emote icons.
  • Added missing Shit Storm and Lightning Storm sigils to Warlock class, to boost amulet spell.
  • Fixed Solar Shield and Wildfire Shield sigils in Warlock class, to boost damage on enter.
  • Fixed Morning Star and Meteor amulets to work correctly take sigil values.
  • Arakka Widow now shoots a spread of 3 venom shots.
  • Fixed a number of AOE volumes applying wrong status.
  • Fixed tether ability for Power Stones such as Moon, Sun, Dark and Poison, on a number of enemies and components.
  • Added additional tail skin, and horn skin variants.
  • Fixed Mite multiplayer bug where seeker horns could cause a null reference.
  • Fixed damage numbers appearing when enemies are behind you.
  • Fixed ‘Butcher All’ and ‘Keep All’ UI in Vault for Wildlife.
  • Added some structural protection to exposed spawn points on Enki and Enlil islands.
  • Improved Anu island for Ai navigation and added visual details.
  • Added lighting details to Enki and Enlil islands.
  • Improved Salvage toggle UI in Vault to be more clear.
  • Fixed multiplayer hang due to Mite death.
  • Fix to Disarmament quest to make sure god spawns.
  • Re-enabled dynamic lights on islands.
  • Fixed Feral Lair destroyed status effects.
  • Fixed god getting stuck in summon animation.
  • Fix to God tentacles armor health bars in multiplayer.
  • Fix to God body armor – helmet and belly – take damage now in multiplayer.
  • Fix to some God animation fixes, getting stuck in summon animation if interrupted.
  • Improved player colliding with moving enemies like Storm Guardian.
  • Added sense mode icon to Kindred traders that can be found on islands.
  • Fixed missing SFX.
  • Fixed Lost Hunter explosive force.
  • Fixed Mites only retreating after taking certain types of damage.
  • Fixed Hollows Arakka spamming errors.
  • Fix for AI not attacking if target becomes null during pre-attack.
  • Kindred are now healed by amulet spell Awens Blessing.
  • Various visual fixes to optimized environment meshes.
  • Fix for UI blur remaining if player dies.
  • Fix for reloading while clamping on breaking punch animation.
  • Fix for de-spawning enemies after loss of interest.
  • Fix for collision issues.
  • Fix for Sense mode breaking when looking at Lost Warlock.
  • Fix for healing Kindred with amulet being recognized in quest objectives.
  • Fix for extracting point extracting players when dead.
  • Fix for freeze when account linking.
  • That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

    As always, if you have any content to share or questions for the team, please feel free to reach out. You can stay in touch with me and the rest of the Versus Evil team by joining our Discord and following us on our various social media channels.

    ~ Renee