Excerpt taken from documents recovered at the abandoned former home of Professor Abigail Chasse. Current whereabouts unknown…

As I carefully sifted through dusty boxes stacked in the corner of the dimly lit room, my hands brushed against the brittle pages of forgotten documents and faded photographs. My search for answers had led me to this hidden trove of history and long-kept treasure of forgotten tales.

And then, tucked away amidst the stack, I discovered a weathered journal, its leather cover worn with time. Intrigued by the secrets it might hold, I opened its pages, eager to unlock the mysteries of the past.

Little did I know that within those faded lines, I would uncover the untold story of Aspen Falls, a narrative that would both captivate and haunt me to my very core…


Unveiling the Shadows: The History & Legacy of Aspen Falls

Aspen Falls was founded in 1883 by five families: the Fillmores, the Gillespies, the Masons, the Levitts, and the Davidsons–all key members of the Society of Unified Silence, a religious group seeking a “better way.” Each family had been given a specific purpose in the development of this new town, and all subsequent offspring were educated in their ways.

The Fillmore family tended to agriculture. The Mason family handled upkeep and maintenance of the towns’ infrastructure. The Gillespie family were placed in charge of town security. The Levitt family was tasked with managing the towns’ finances. As for the Davidson family… they were placed in charge of spiritual matters. An honor they didn’t take lightly.

The town prospered over the following decades, growing into a typical Mid-Western farming community as far as the outside world knew. Eventually, rumors of dark, cult-like rituals, cattle mutilations, UFOs, and a much higher than average missing persons rate made Aspen Falls a place that neighboring townships avoided and only spoke about in hushed whispers.

What drove the original five families to Aspen Falls remains shrouded in mystery to this day. Early geological studies suggest that the town had been built upon a rare conjunction of Ley Lines, as well as a massive deposit of quartz–a stone believed to act as a conductor of spiritual energy in some cultures.

However, the most unusual thing about the quartz deposit was its location directly at a point where the Ley Lines intersected. Further perplexing local geologists was the fact that quartz was not commonly found in surrounding soil samples… almost as if it had been placed there on purpose.

Somewhere around 1920, nearly forty years after Aspen Falls’ founding, something changed. Surviving materials from that time contain the first documented mentions of “The Inner Circle,” a devout and secretive cloister whose core beliefs differed from those of the Society of Unified Silence.

While much about the Inner Circle is either unsubstantiated rumor or pure speculation, theological scholars do typically agree that its belief system consisted of teachings adopted from several practiced religions around the world. Where scholars can’t seem to agree, however, is in regards to a hypothesis suggesting these practices were a ruse intended to cover up a darker purpose for existence, and that the Inner Circle’s only true belief was in “The Prophecy.”

Literature recovered in 1932 from the ashes of a burned down farm, known colloquially as the “Blasphemers’ Diary,” contained supposed Inner Circle teachings which have never been authenticated. Are they genuine or hoax?

In these texts, it was posited that the “Savior” was not an inherently merciful being and His true nature was dual purpose, being both the Creator and Destroyer of all things. That He had tired of human failure and would return one day to unleash mankind’s destruction as punishment before reshaping the world in a new image. This was “The Prophecy.”

For the prophecy to be fulfilled, however, the “Savior” required a specific vessel: a human male, having come of age (18 years old), and having been born from extreme hardship–a responsibility that fell upon the Davidson family. Only under these conditions could the “Savior” be reborn to carry out His plan. This vessel would be known as “The Darkness.”

References to the Society of Unified Silence, the Inner Circle, and “The Prophecy” all dissipated over the years before disappearing from the cultural zeitgeist entirely in the early 1970s. Some insist it was all a product of urban legend and exaggerated campfire tales, but even a casual inquiry to satisfy one’s curiosity is sure to draw suspicious looks from the locals.

Today, few descendants of the five original founding families still reside within Aspen Falls. Some rose to prominence over the years, filling important community roles such as police chief and mayor. One even spent time as the pastor of the local Evangelical church.

Then there’s the curious case of former Town Council Speaker Judith Davidson, who moved away from Aspen Falls to live out the remainder of her days in a Detroit suburb. Nobody knew what prompted the move and some say she took many of the towns’ best kept secrets with her to the grave, and now no one may ever know the truth…

As our journey into the mysterious past of Aspen Falls comes to a close, we find ourselves surrounded by unanswered questions and enduring whispers of the unknown. The Society of Unified Silence, the Inner Circle, and the Prophecy have faded from the cultural zeitgeist, leaving behind a legacy of intrigue and speculation.

The descendants of the original founding families have dispersed, carrying their secrets and memories with them. Yet, the mysterious nature of Aspen Falls lingers, reminding us that some truths may forever remain hidden. Perhaps it is in the silence that the essence of this town resides, and perhaps, it is for the best that certain mysteries remain shrouded in the shadows of history.

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