Hey, everyone! VS Dave here.

Conspirators have got it rough! Imagine having an agenda full of nefarious tasks to complete, but every day is filled with bright sunlight and clear blue skies. Annoying! How’s a shady character supposed to go about their shady business undetected? Where can you plot and scheme in peace without all the nosy, do-gooders running about?

The answer is simple: the Underground, of course!


A Guide to the Underground

Conspirators begin the night cycle already in the Underground, and if you’re new to Eville, it may feel a little disorienting or confusing at first. So, allow us to give you the full tour!

What is the Underground? In the simplest of terms, it’s a subterranean network of labyrinthine tunnels below the town of Eville. It’s a cold, damp place completely devoid of natural light and accessible only to Conspirators, making it an excellent location to slip away from Villagers and plan your next move.

From the Underground, Conspirators can access shortcuts to above ground locations, like the Herb Witch’s hut or the Park, which make discretely navigating the map a breeze. But more importantly, you can also access trap doors leading directly inside Villagers’ homes. This comes in real handy come nightfall.

There is a catch, however. You’ll first need to detonate some rock formations blocking the path to sweet nocturnal homicide, so the Smuggler role becomes crucial for Conspirators, as they are the only role that can place bombs.

In addition to secret passages, the Underground is also home to a black-market merchant, who is well-stocked with beneficial items for the Conspirator on the go. Want a heavy pair of boots to step on traps without getting caught in them? The merchant has your size. Run out of bombs? The merchant’s prices are dy-no-mite! *Ahem*

Last, but not least, a Conspirator’s time is valuable, so why walk when you can ride a minecart to your destination? That’s right! Minecarts aren’t just for adventuring apes anymore!

This now concludes your guided tour through the Underground. Please return your trays to their upright position and head for the exit. We hope you found it useful, and maybe even a little inspiring. Those poor Villagers will never see you coming!

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~ VS Dave