From the Desk of the Mayor:

Dear, Citizens of Eville. We have received your feedback & bug reports & we can’t thank you enough! We understand that there are some issues preventing you from the intended game experience & we appreciate your patience as we review your messages & get to work on addressing them.

We are happy to report that an update is available now for Xbox devices (Console • PC)! While this update won’t address all known issues, it will cover the most critical as we continue sussing out & removing the remaining bugs. Clearly the work of Conspirators! Eville is a live service game which means we will continue to add new content, stomp out bugs & balance elements of the game.

Again, we thank you for your continued support & patience, and we look forward to providing you the best Eville experience possible!

~ The Mayor of Eville

Please review the list of updates provided below:

* Added feature to search by lobby name
* Lobbies in progress are sorted to the bottom of the lobby list
* Fix to prevent more than 12 users from joining a lobby
* Added profanity filter in lobby names, display names, and chat
* Full lobbies cannot be joined
* Fixed kick functionality for host to remove idling players from lobby
* Fixed weekly timer in the game store menu

Various gameplay fixes:

* Items with unlimited stock could not be bought from vendors
* Corners of voting areas no longer launch player characters up in the air and cause fall death
* Traps could be placed inside player homes
* Players could not destroy barricades, only the host