Hey there folks, VS Renee here with a few Tips & Tricks to help you best enjoy the Stray Souls demo!


Demo Tips & Tricks

The demo begins at a point deep into the game with Daniel & Martha arriving outside the Aspen Falls police station – which is locked down tight!

Explore the area in search of a way inside, but beware dark forces that are hellbent on keeping you out. Keep your wits about you – if your faith starts to falter, seek help in others!

Ensure the generator gets up and running by having Daniel collect gasoline from multiple cars. Keep a close watch on the counter displayed at the bottom of your screen!

You never know what you might find by having a look around…

Engaging in combat with the formidable Glutton presents a daunting challenge. Consider utilizing Daniel’s dodge roll as a tactical maneuver to create space between yourself and the enemies – allowing you time to regroup.

Stay vigilant about your ammunition and remember to reload when the opportunity arises. If you notice your bullet supply running low, there are additional resources nearby… provided you can safely reach them…

We’d like to say thanks again for playing our new Stray Souls demo and taking the time to tell us about it! We’re continuing to review feedback and plan out adjustments for future demo updates, so please keep it coming!

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~ VS | Renee
Stray Souls Community Manager