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Howdy everyone, VS Trippi here with the latest Tamarak Trail blog! In this blog we’re taking a look at the lore behind The Eye of the Sturgeon, the secret society behind the Sturgeon Lodge and how they came to be.


Ancient texts handed down from the Order’s founders speak of a cataclysmic event referred to as “Auraverci du hannah.” Loosely translated, it means “the night the ocean devoured a comet.” On that night, a pulsating green glow from deep below the water’s surface illuminated the sky, blocking out the stars. A thick fog followed, enveloping the surrounding forest. A hushed, eerie stillness fell over the area, until a shrill, bloodcurdling howl broke the temporary silence. Eyewitness accounts described the sound as something akin to “a demon’s starving guard dog.”

Armed with pitchforks and lanterns, three brave townspeople entered the fog to investigate the forest trails. With no response, a search party was dispatched two hours later to locate and bring them home. No one from either group was ever seen again.

Unrelenting darkness fueled a constant state of panic and hysteria across the lands, even driving some townsfolk to madness. Then the raids came. Hulking shadows infiltrated from the trees. Heavy footfall circled the perimeter as terrified villagers hid in their closets and under their beds, clinging to their trembling children.

It was all for naught, however. The unknown intruders never left empty-handed, commonly seen thundering back into the forest with a villager securely nestled under each arm.

The assaults continued for weeks until finally the townsfolk could take no more. A meeting was held with all who remained in the village and an edict was made. They would live in fear no longer. They would plead for their lives no longer. They would see an end to the raids once and for all.

An Order was established and named The Eye of the Sturgeon. Its sole purpose, to protect the village against the endless night at all cost. Its leaders, chosen by nomination and then seconded.

To join the Order required a vow: to surrender the way of life once known to them and dedicate one’s remaining lifespan only to the necessary training and studies to ensure survival. It wasn’t a commitment most could make, but those who answered the call took the pledge with a blood oath.

With The Eye of the Sturgeon now fully formed, the leaders assessed its members, and their places within the Order were designated according to their talents. Those with a mind for research and investigation were assigned the role of Detective. Those who excelled at hunting and knew the trails like the back of their hands were assigned the role of Tracker. Those blessed with rare arcane proficiency were assigned the role of Magician. Each class, unique from one another, but all equal in value.

Soon, a great battle commenced, spanning a fortnight. The blood-soaked trails became the final resting place for many, but in the end, the Order emerged victorious. The fog began to lift with the last blow struck, and over time, the glowing light from under the sea dimmed, forcing the endless night to eventually give way to the sun.
The town rejoiced, throwing a massive celebration with music, wine, and a feast big enough to feed several towns over. But the Order knew it was only a fleeting peace. Many important questions remained. What had actually happened? What were those abominations on the trails and could they return? Worse yet, had similar incidents already occurred elsewhere in the world?

Fearing the possibility of a similar tragedy inflicted upon unsuspecting and unprepared communities across the continents, and believing their work too important to be focused locally, The Eye of the Sturgeon began immediate plans for expansion.

In the following months, a base of operations was erected to serve as a hub and meeting place for the Order: The Sturgeon Lodge. From the Lodge, a number of crucial functions and activities were facilitated, including recruitment, research and development, and documentation.

Upon receiving reports of suspicious incidents, members of the Order were dispatched to investigate and neutralize any potential threat. With each encounter, the Order grew in both aptitude and efficiency over the years, but had come no closer to answering the questions which had perplexed its founders.

To prevent widespread panic, the Order operated in secrecy, performing its duties as far from the public as possible. A practice which continues to this day. While its numbers have dwindled since its inception, the Eye of the Sturgeon remains ever vigilant, ready to take arms against the endless night at a moment’s notice.

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