Our author, now older and tired of running, has decided to put an end to their relentless escape. They describe a moment of finally finding a seat at a table, where they sit down to write their story. Their goal? To reveal the sinister secrets of the Inner Circle, a cult that has haunted them for years, and share this chilling narrative with the world.

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A Stray Souls Story

Journal Entry #13 - ``A Quiet Town With A Dark Heart``

Originally posted on 11/02/14

A Brief History of Aspen Falls:

Aspen Falls was a bustling Midwestern farming town back in the late 20th century, its fields yielding bountiful harvests that sustained both the locals and the wider trade networks. On the surface, it appeared to be the quintessential, devout American community, deeply rooted in Judeo-Christian values.

However, behind this facade, most of the townsfolk practiced a faith that deviated significantly from mainstream Christianity. Rumored whispers of rituals and occult-like practices had long been associated with Aspen Falls. These tales included mysterious cattle mutilations, UFO sightings, and an unsettlingly high rate of missing persons, particularly children, which gave the town a rather sinister reputation.

One of the unique aspects setting Aspen Falls apart from its neighbors was its location atop what they believed to be Ley Lines. These are considered mystical energy pathways that crisscross the Earth. The convergence of these Ley Lines beneath the town was believed to imbue the land with an otherworldly energy.

Another oddity was the presence of a massive deposit of quartz at the heart of this convergence. The quartz seemed deliberately placed there, as it was noticeably absent from the surrounding soil. The Inner Circle, the secret society within the town, believed that this deposit acted as a reservoir for spiritual energy, drawing from the metaphysical currents coursing through the Ley Lines.

This is where it got sinister…

The Inner Circle harnessed these forces for their esoteric practices. Their rituals were conducted at secret locations throughout the town, allowing them to tap into this unique energy and channel it for their mysterious purposes. The quartz deposit acted as a conductor, intensifying the spiritual energy and heightening their connection to what they believed were otherworldly realms.

Now, the common townsfolk were mostly oblivious to this. They merely sensed an eerie presence, a strange vibe in the air when they ventured near the town. This inexplicable aura fostered a shared sense of secrecy and further reinforced the town’s isolation.

Hidden behind the facade of a regular farming town, the Inner Circle conducted rituals, ancient rites, and esoteric practices, all aimed at strengthening their connection to the dark forces they worshiped. The gatherings took place in seemingly ordinary locations, like barns, cellars, or abandoned houses. This careful concealment meant that the community at large remained in the dark about these activities.

Over time, the Inner Circle’s influence began to seep into the town’s culture and traditions. Symbols and iconography associated with their unconventional faith adorned secret meeting places and hidden chambers throughout Aspen Falls. They even blended their strange practices into everyday life, weaving their occult ceremonies into the town’s festivals and activities, further camouflaging their secret rituals.

The town’s unsuspecting residents carried on, believing that the strange occurrences and peculiar “Council Meetings” held in the oddest of places were merely a part of the town’s unique design. While they went about their daily lives, they were completely unaware that Aspen Falls was ground zero for a cosmic battle between light and darkness. But to the casual observer, it was just another unassuming American town.

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