Our author, now older and tired of running, has decided to put an end to their relentless escape. They describe a moment of finally finding a seat at a table, where they sit down to write their story. Their goal? To reveal the sinister secrets of the Inner Circle, a cult that has haunted them for years, and share this chilling narrative with the world.

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A Stray Souls Story

Journal Entry #14 - ``Bloodlines & Betrayal``

Originally shared on 01/22/15

A Brief Dive into the Five Founding Families:

Let’s journey back to 1883 when the quaint town of Aspen Falls was first planted on the map. Five powerful founding families played a central role in shaping the town, their connection to the Society of Unified Silence ensuring their legacy and responsibilities for generations to come.

The Fillmore Family – Tending to Agriculture:
Meet the Fillmores, the backbone of Aspen Falls. These folks had one vital task – growing stuff. Their passion for farming went beyond a mere livelihood; they considered it a sacred duty. Deeply rooted in the earth, the Fillmores nurtured the town with their bountiful harvests. But despite their crucial role, the Fillmores were one rung from the bottom of the town’s spiritual ladder.

The Mason Family – Infrastructure Maintenance:
The Masons, the unsung heroes of town infrastructure. These masters of construction and maintenance kept Aspen Falls humming along seamlessly. Their skilled craftsmanship ensured roads, buildings, and utilities all ran smoothly. Despite their vital role, the Masons were perceived as the lowest echelon when it came to the town’s deeper spiritual agenda.

The Gillespie Family – Town Security:
Security was the Gillespies’ game. They shielded Aspen Falls from prying eyes and external threats. Through covert surveillance, quiet investigations, and an underground informant network, they maintained order and secrecy. The Gillespies were like the middle children of Aspen Falls, respected yet often sent to the front lines, believing that following the rules was the only way to operate.

The Levitt Family – Financial Stewardship:
Meet the Levitts, the financial gurus. They managed the town’s finances with impeccable precision. Their adept financial stewardship kept the Inner Circle’s coffers full without drawing attention. However, their wealth didn’t translate to power as they bent their knees to the Davidson family’s rule.

The Davidson Family – Spiritual Matters & Lineage:
The Davidsons held the crown when it came to spirituality. They guided the town’s spiritual affairs, orchestrating rituals and teachings aligned with the sect’s dark beliefs. The Davidsons held the key to fulfilling the prophecy of the “Destroyer,” which was central to the Inner Circle’s faith. They were the true power behind Aspen Falls, occupying key positions in the town council and the sect’s leadership.

For generations, these five families passed down their knowledge and responsibilities, united by their allegiance to the Society of Unified Silence. Together, they maneuvered Aspen Falls as the hidden hands directing the town’s fate while concealing the true nature of this seemingly ordinary Midwest community.

Their secrets, rituals, and the presence of the Inner Circle left an indelible mark on Aspen Falls, weaving an intricate web of ignorance and secrecy among the townsfolk. Each family played a vital role in preserving the delicate balance between the town’s mundane facade and the esoteric undercurrents flowing beneath the surface.

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