Versus the Week

Week Ending April 16, 2022

Hey, folks – Community Managers Sydney and Renee here this week!

We’re back again with another installment of Versus the Week, where we recap all the week’s new & noteworthy happenings at Versus Evil in case you missed it.

With some exciting announcements this week – let’s dive in!


Sockventure brings super fast, eye catching gameplay with its stunningly colorful graphics and frenetic 2D platform action over 200 handcrafted levels across 7 chapters. Developed by Nighthouse Games, players take on the role of Supersock, a superhero tasked with finding all the missing socks inside a cursed washing machine.

The best part? Now you can take all the action and excitement with you, no matter where you go – when you play on Nintendo Switch!

What’s New for Switch?

  • Optimized visuals. Graphics are bright and clean on Switch with improved post process effects.
  • Optimized audio for seamless integration.
  • Reduced loading times.
  • Loads of tweaks and balances under the hood to boost performance.

If you have an insatiable need for speed and consider yourself a seasoned platformer, try your luck speed running any of Sockventure’s challenging levels! If that’s not enough for the challenger that craves utter chaos, The Dark Chapters boast some of the most challenging content in the game.

This charming platformer feels perfect on the Switch!

And we promise now that you know where your missing socks go, you’ll never look at your washing machine the same way again!

Buy Sockventure on Nintendo Switch


Here comes Peter Personoi— er, Cottontail! Easter has arrived on the Alithea!

First Class Trouble is back with it’s11th content pack loaded with Easter goodies for all passengers aboard the ship! We hope you like chocolate eggs and festive costumes!

In this pack you’ll receive the Easter Bunny outfit and Easter Chicken outfit – both are perfect for hopping and bopping (with rackets and champagne bottles, of course) around the ship while you have your favorite basket of eggs in tow!

Buy the FCT Easter Pack on PC
Buy the FCT Easter Pack on PlayStation

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading!

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~ VE Community Team