Salutations adventurers!

We appreciate your patience as we work hard to resolve ongoing bugs and issues with Deadfire on consoles. We have a new patch currently in testing and as soon as we have an ETA for its live date we’ll let you know.

Major fixes

  • Enchanting items no longer crashes the game.
  • Save files no longer get corrupted.
  • Lost focus in inventory fixed. Players were seeing instances where it appeared to be locked up while at vendor and this fixes that issue.
  • Navigation in Vendors UI Fixed. Players can now correctly navigate the vendor menus.
  • Party movement/formation functionality fixed. Players should now be able to use formations correctly.
  • Improved stability in various places.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Classes in character creation had wrong class icons
  • Double Entries in Cyclopedia Menu
  • Missing Image in Gorecci Street
  • Essence Battery Tower was not visible for the player
  • Inconsistencies in UI have been fixed. UI should now be consistent across all screens.
  • Drummers missing drum sticks
  • Unpause UI shown during rest video
  • Priest spell “Withdraw” was causing character’s hand glowing
  • Visual glitch while switching characters
  • Description of the items changed/disappeared after selling
  • Flags missing textures
  • Text overlaps
  • Exit in Gullet was not highlighted using Cursor Mode
  • Button prompts not visible in selecting own history
  • Music not playing in main menu
  • Missing description for Chants
  • Store tab was not refreshing
  • Character turning white when equipping Torch
  • Looting corpses made easier
  • Visual effect of Eternal Devotion fixed
  • Half-visible Dragon in cutscene
  • Navigation in The Crucible
  • Various fixes of the traps
  • Various minor fixes

As always, thank you for your feedback, constructive criticism, and patience as we continue to update you with our progress. We do encourage you to continue reporting issues that you see as that helps us tremendously. To stay up to date on all the latest news, make sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Happy hunting!

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