Good morning! Maevri here, and today I have the pleasure of sharing with you the DETAILED patch notes for the Switch port’s upcoming patch.

The patch is done and now we just have to go through the final process of approvals. While we don’t have a date yet that this will be live for players, you can anticipate it will be available soon. There’s a lot here so we’ve provided high level notes to help out. This patch will resolve the outstanding reports of bugs players have encountered and should bring the Switch port to parity with the original PC version.¬†Thank you so much for your patience as the we and the Developer have been working hard at processing your feedback and getting down to the root cause. Without further ado, here are the fixes!


High Level:

  • All known stability issues

  • Ranged attacks and spells Fixed (could not be reproduced any more)

  • Few performance issues

  • Corrupted VFX of Chanter class spells



Detailed Fix List:

[TECH][FPS] The CPU/GPU response time is above 40+ milliseconds on all maps

[COPPERLANE][GOOSE AND FOX] The title is crashing during the transition between the 1st Floor and the 2nd Floor of the “Goose and Fox”

[HOTFIX] Update Health Bar Periodically

[FUNCTIONALITY][RUSSETWOOD] Pathing issues when in Flames-That-Whisper Cavern

[HERITAGE HILL][UNDYING HERITAGE] The title crashes between transitions while having the quest active

[UI][BUFF] The buff symbols are misaligned after a loading screen

[UI][LEVEL UP] “Level Up” message after a battle but no glowing + icon on the character portrait

[FQA/Graphics] A flicker occurs in a wall when moving near it in the Temple of Eothas

[FQA/TRUNCATION] Paladin Order character is truncated in the Inventory menu

[GILDED VALE] Walking backwards during scripted event

[THE MINES] Unresponsive controls in specific part of the mines in Durgan’s Battery

[AR_1402] Purple Loot From Spectre Spirits

[UI] Game Becomes Unresponsive When Changing Languages In-Game

[VISUAL] The light effect seems to not work properly

[FQA/FUNCTIONALITY] Enemies sometimes disengage from a battle without any warning on Endless Paths of Caed Nua

[VISUAL/SHIELD] Shields equipped does not display in-game

[ACTIVE EFFECTS] “Active Effects” feedback has missing textures

[UI][TEXT] The tips displayed during loading screens appears corrupted

[INVENTORY] Can’t hear samples when changing character voice in-game

[LIVE][VFX][WIZARD] The VFX for Kalakoth’s Sunless Grasp are broken

[LIVE][ANIMATION] Oozes’s animations are corrupted

[FQA/COLLISION] Characters get stuck between trees in Crägholdt Bluffs

[CHARACTER][UI] The Characters buffs is displayed as placeholder after performing a transition

[COMBAT][FERRY FLOTSAM] The party gets teleported right after finishing the dialog with the bandits

[CRAGHOLDT] The input is lost upon interacting with the lever inside the Cragholdt Ruins

[STRONGHOLD] Actions events are misplaced

[VFX][TRAPS] VFX for traps are corrupted

[COMBAT][CAED NUA] Upon disengaging, the enemies stop attacking

[UI][TEXT] The text inside the Save Game icon appears corrupted when playing both the Main Game and the White March DLC

[FQA/PERFORMANCE/AR_0201] After the cutscene of the quest “The Hermit of Hadret House” the FPS goes below 20

[AR_0401] FPS 26 – 30 on the Brackenbury map

[AR_0703_Ruin_Exterior] Under 25 FPS in Cilant Lis Exterior

[AR_1401] 22-30 on the Burial Isle Map During Visions

[PX1_0201] Low FPS (25-26) Everywhere On The Map

[PX1_0204] Low FPS (24-26) Running Around

[TEMPLE OF EOTHAS] Texture flicks in one of the stone doors

[UI/INVENTORY] Sever Soulbind action is shown as Bind Soul

[FQA/TRUNCATION] The description of the Combat Tutorial is truncated

[FQA/Text overlaps] The properties of items found are overlapping each other

[FQA/UI] Tooltip highlight doesn’t work properly on certain words

[FQA/ANIMATION] It’s possible to walk backward during the first cutscene of Gilded Vale

[FQA/GRAPHICS] The particles of the fire spells are mixing with the scenario

[VISUAL] Capes are not positioned correctly on characters

[GAMEPLAY] “Interact” Prompt Is Displayed But Interaction Doesn’t Work

[ACTIVE EFFECTS] Active Effects feedback is misplaced in the HUD

[UI][MECHANICS] Stealing icon still shown in Osrya’s lab

[DISPLAY MODE][LOADING] The Loading screen logo disappears after switching from Handheld mode to TV mode or vice-versa

[MAIN MENU] When booting for the first time the “New Game” and “Continue” buttons are both highlighted

[LIVE][UI] Portrait remains highlighted upon transitioning between locations or buildings and the open world

[LIVE][UI][CHANTER] The description for the Chanter’s “But Reny…” is incomplete

[UI][COMBAT] The Attack Cursor doubles when selecting an enemy unit

[AR_0301] FPS 28 – 30 on the Ondra’s Gift map

[AR_0707] FPS 28-30 on the Raedrics Hold map

[AR_1201] FPS 28-30 on the Oldsong map

[AR_0811] FPS 27-30 during the Combat

[AR_0401] 27 FPS In Brackenbury Sometimes

[AUTOSAVE][PROGRESS][EXPLOIT] Disabling the Autosave will lead to the repopulation of cleared areas and to the reappearance of Fog of War

[PROGRESS][CAED NUA]Upon entering Caed Nua from the courtyard, either a white screen will be displayed or the title will exit to the Main Menu

[PROGRESS] White screens are encountered when traveling from one location to another

[GAME DESIGN][CINEMATIC] The character remains stuck in a cinematic after clearing enemies in Burial Island

[PROGRESS][OD NUA] Travelling to Od Nua Level 1 reverts the title to the Main Menu with a Loading Error message

[PROGRESS][OD NUA] Killing Maerwald in Od Nua level 1 will result in the inability to return to the Dungeons of Caed Nua

[WHITE MARCH][WHITE SCREEN] The “White Screen” issue is present in both “Taena’s house” and “Renengild’s house”

[VERSION] Release Version And Application Version For Fourth Patch

[CRASH][DURGAN’S BATTERY] Transitions between Durgan’s Battery and other locations is resulting in a freeze

[END-GAME][LOADING] The title crashes when performing a transition between “Breith Eaman” and “Sun in Shadow” locations

[LIVE][CRASH]The title crashes when performing transitions between different locations

[ENGINE][TEXT] Engine Error preset in Ciliant Lis

[PROGRESS][SAVEFILE] Travelling to Stalwart results in a return to the Main Menu and a Loading Error message

[BRIGHTHOLLOW][GAME DESIGN ]When trying to enter the Brighthollow, the title will revert to the Main Menu

[PROGRESS][BLACK MEADOW] The vision near the dragon skeleton does not play

[QUESTS][ONDRA’S GIFT] White screen encountered in abandoned house in Ondra’s Gift

[CRASH][PROGRESS][ONDRA’S GIFT] Exiting the Abandoned House in Ondra’s Gift results in a crash

[CRASH][PROGRESS] Black screen after loading results in hang and progress loss

[PERFORMANCE][FPS][CAED NUA] Traveling from Raedric’s Hold to Caed Nua will result in a substantial FPS drop

[VISUAL][TEMPLE OF WOEDICA] Textures are not layered properly resulting in “invisible” characters

[VISUAL][HADRET HOUSE] Textures are not layered properly and the bottom halves of the characters are missing

[LIVE][ATTACKS][RANGED] All ranged attacks of companions and/or enemies miss and are not registered

[VISUAL][CAED NUA] Although Caed Nua has multiple upgrades, there is vegetation re-growth on the Eastern Barbican and the Great Hall entrance

[VISUAL][CLIABAN RILAG] The Cliaban Rilag waterfall’s VFX is corrupted

[CHANTER][VFX] Corrupted VFX for the “But Reny Daret’s Ghost, He Would not Rest” when used by the Chanter

[VISUAL][BRACKENBURY] White spots are displayed when opening the area map

[SANITARIUM][CHEST] Interactable locked chest within Caedman Azo’s chamber cannot be opened

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