Hey guys, Maevri here!

Guess what? This year marks our 7th birthday! Over these past 7 years, we’ve grown our library and team to build a brand full of passionate gamers that especially love Indie Games. We set out to be a Publisher that champions its indie devs, giving them the freedom to make the games they envision, and helping them get their games into the hands of as many gamers as possible. We’re so thankful to you, the players, for supporting us these past 7 years, and to our developers who we’ve worked with all this time. As Community Manager, I get the chance to interact with you all on a one on one basis every day and I cherish that opportunity to connect with you through our games. Thank you for playing, and thank you for just be amazing people. I can’t wait to continue growing with you right by our side.


From founder and GM of Versus Evil, Steve Escalante:

“Partnering with independent developers and helping them achieve their goals has brought the best, most fun, 7 years of my career. There is more to come from the Versus Evil team and we couldn’t be more excited about the future games and teams we get to work with.” 

As is tradition, we’re celebrating with a big sale and cake. You can’t partake in cake (+10 pts for the rhyme), but you can check out our sales offers below. The BIG deal this week is that we’re launching Cardpocalypse on Steam, and its new DLC Out of Time, both with a 40% discount!


Some choice selections:

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