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This week I’ve got a really gneiss blog for all of you folks out there who, like me, love grinding materials in RPGs. Throw on some good tunes, settle in with a cup of coffee, and spend the next 5 hours ignoring the coffee and collecting crafting supplies so you can upgrade ALL THE THINGS. Sound about right? Well Almighty knows better than to take that for granite, so there’s plenty of gathering to be done!

Darran from RUNWILD has more details on collecting minerals in the game.

Check it out:

Collecting Minerals in Almighty

There are many resources that you can gather in Almighty, some of the more prominent ones are the minerals that grow out of the rock formations on the many islands. These metallic and crystalline outgrowths can be used in the crafting of gear and rebuilding of your Home Island. Once thought to be gifts from the gods for their magical properties which they draw from the land itself, have names like Asteria, Eos, Hecate and Helius.

Each Island in Almighty has been handcrafted, the terrain sculpted, and each rock, tree and grass blade has been placed by hand, but the things that appear on that landscape can change with each visit. You will find these minerals around rocky outcrops and rock formations in general, but their distribution and quantity will vary.

Islands will have a bias towards certain types of minerals so that you can narrow things down if you require certain crafting or building materials. For example, on Lupa Island you will find Asteria, Cadmus, and Dinlas. On Cavall Island, you will find Dinlas, Hecate and Themis. Some of the rarer minerals can only be found on the God Islands of Enki, Enlil, and Anu that you will only get access to when you are Almighty level or above.

One of the things that you will require these minerals for is in the construction of your Tower of Might. Adding floors and then upgrading those floors will increase the players Health and Magic Power. Increasing those attributes will help an Alpha Survive longer and use abilities like Sprint, Glide, Charge Attack that drain magic power for longer durations. The taller and more splendid your Tower of Might the more powerful your Alpha will become.

Building a Tower of Might, that channels magic from out of the air and ground to imbue an Alpha with its power, is only a part of the upgrades the player can make to their Home Island. Repairing and upgrading your Home Island is more than just taking a break from the epic battles you can engage in when out hunting. A balanced strategy of Home Island improvements and character progression will give the player the most efficient route to becoming Almighty.

When a player has upgraded their Guard Towers to a level they are confident in, they can send out scouts to find and provoke enemy patrols to Raid the Home Island. This will be a risk/reward strategy, the risk being that the attack may cause significant damage that will need to be repaired, to the loot that will be dropped right on your doorstop from the enemies you destroy. Fully upgraded farms will boost the economy and start to earn an Alpha gold and other resources giving the player flexibility on what to focus on.

Of course, once you get into the game yourself you’ll have a better firsthand look at which materials you need and will pretty quickly develop your own routine for collecting. But hopefully now you’ve got a better idea as to why it’s so important to spend that time gathering rocks like some sort of geology nerd 🤓

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