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This week, we’re going to take a closer look at Lupa Island, one of the very first locations you’ll visit in Almighty: Kill Your Gods. This is where your first hunt will take place, and where you will extract loot for the first time on your journey to becoming Almighty!

Read on to see what Game Director Darran Thomas has to say about it:

Location Spotlight: Lupa Island

As with most Islands in the game, Lupa was once the territory of the Kun Anun, but some time past fell under the Elder Gods’ control. You will see the ruins of what previously stood on the island – ancient houses, citadels, and fortifications.

A dominant feature on Lupa Island are statues that were built in reverence of a great ancestor – Lupa – known as the mother of Empires. The statues display a large Alpha holding back 2 giant wolves. This symbolises how she mastered the dual aspects of kindness and fierceness required of any great Alpha, and how she was both loved and feared.

Lupa’s lineage went on to create one of the first great empires of the Kun Anun. With a thriving economy and great technological advancements, they pioneered trade between islands and the other children of Anun.

Lupa Island is far from its previous glory. The Elder Gods have constructed an offering tower in what was once the fortified center, and they have distributed 3 extraction portals as well as many Guard posts to protect and subjugate the island.

In the bay sits Faith’s Leap, an overwatch tower, that in the past was used for magical ceremonies as well as providing a great vantage point for Alphas to defend the island. This can still come in useful, for when you activate the ancient magic there you may use it to respawn if you are reborn during the heat of battle. You will find many of these respawn points in your travels and should actively keep an eye out for them on any new island you visit.

On Lupa you will find the minerals Asteria, Cadmus, and Dinlas, that can be used for crafting and upgrading. You will also find treasure chests, buried treasure, Kindred to rescue, and entrances to the Hollows, the subterranean network below the island’s surface. Luckily, there are no Feral or Arraka to terrorize you at night, but that does not mean the island is without its threats. Beware of the powerful Mites that will come for you if you stir up too much trouble during your hunt.

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