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We’ve had quite a few requests from the community about Almighty: Kill Your Gods. I know there are many of you who can’t wait to get your hands on the game, and I can’t wait for you to either! The Development team at Run Wild is working hard to finish the game, but in the meantime I’ve asked them to help give a bit more insight into what you can expect.

With that in mind, we’ve got some blogs lined up for you that will dive a bit deeper into the world of Almighty. This week we’ll start with your adorable villagers, the Kindred.

Check it out:

Who are the Kindred?

The Kindred are your people, your family, your tribe. They are the Kun Anun which is the race of characters the player belongs to, a race that has evolved from wolves. The Kindred have lost touch with their past and their once ferocious nature, and are almost childlike in proportion and the lack of ability to protect themselves. As an Alpha, you must rescue your Kindred, provide for them and protect them.

The initial idea for the Kindred came out of the loot system that we wanted, whilst we were going to have the traditional glowing item drop for players to collect, we wanted to do more with this mechanic such as carryable monster hearts or god heads that the player would have to carry to extract. We also knew we wanted to have characters that you had to provide for and protect on your Home Island, so having the Kindred as characters you had to rescue and extract made sense.

If you’ve played any of the Metal Slug games, they have these bearded prisoners of war that you can rescue whilst blowing up tanks and planes. That’s the kind of thing we were after, the Kindred would be scattered around the islands, hiding and scared and you could rescue them by picking them up and taking them to an extraction portal.

Once you have rescued the Kindred they can work to help improve your Home Island. You can assign the rescued Kindred to garrison defensive towers that will help protect the island from raids. Assign them to farms and mines to boost the economy that will give you regular income. The more you rescue the greater your population and the more they can help you become more powerful, so they’re not just for looking cute skipping around the island with their little lanterns, they form an important part of progression.

Join us next week for the monthly Almighty update from the Developer as well as some other fun news from the Versus Evil team!

That’s all for this week!  As always, if you have any content or questions please feel free to reach out via our socials. You can stay in touch with me and the team by joining our Discord and following us on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.



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