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We dropped a brand new Almighty video this week along with some new screens and GIFs. Check out Super Hero Landing below and we’ll get into more of the game’s mechanics as well as what’s to come.

In Almighty you have the ability to glide while in the air. It’s not flying, it’s technically falling in style. Gliding reduces your stamina, so once you’re out of stamina you will drop like a ton of bricks. This means you should keep an eye on your stamina and your height from the ground. While gliding you can carry Kindred in one arm, fire attacks from your gauntlets, and slam down on your enemies with the slam attack which we show off above. The height from which you drop effects how much damage you do when you slam attack. Your slam attack’s damage is also effected by the type of equipment you…. well, equip.

We’re going to be dropping new content every week for Almighty and answering all your questions. In the coming weeks you can expect the following.

Mondays: New videos.

Tuesdays and Thursdays: New GIFs and screenshots.

Saturdays: Sketchbook Saturdays with concept art.

We won’t have new videos every week, but we’ll be dropping new content about the following soon:

Thunderhead Enemy Profile! You may have caught the big, bulking Guardian-level enemy in our first videos. That’s whose arm being carried in the key art and in the trailer. Get to learn a little more about fighting this bad guy!

Character builds! Unlike Anthem or Borderlands, you’re not stuck to choosing between pre-set archetypes before you start. Your play-style is determined by the gear you equip. Be a melee monster in one loadout, be a healer in another, and swap between them in the middle of a mission. Play however you like, be ready with whatever the quest needs.

Attacks! We’ve seen a lot of questions on how you fight, what melee moves you get, how does it control, etc. Without in-person conventions this is a little hard to convey, so we’ll be covering off controls and all the sweet looking moves your Alpha does.

Guts & Limbs & Loot! We’ll take a look at the big chunks bad guys drop. You extract those big chunks to rebuild and upgrade your Home Island, as well as craft cool new gear.

We’ve got a lot more of that planned, but if there’s something you want to learn more about please hit us up on Twitter, Discord, or Facebook. And be sure to sign up for our newsletter!


Edit: Removing dates as we are delaying some videos now.

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